Lucifer is the third DoL unique tower.
When Lucifer is built, his sword Lightbringer is added to his inventory. The sword gives him massive damage, but also heals 50% of all his damage dealt over time. If you dare to remove Lightbringer from Lucifer, he turns into a fallen angel and Lightbringer breaks in two. Both dark and light Lucifer let damaged creeps rest in peace. So long, revive creeps! I still need to implement the sword-breaking part, I hope I'll manage to implement FuzzyEuk's idea for it. But that's it! All new light towers are implemented. I'm now off to the balancing part, it's gonna be a wild ride :-)

Wow nice card! What do you think about making change on the map when him is build? When is in "light" some kinda relaxing theme and the map become more lighter maybe with cloud in the tile where him is built and when is in "darkness" some kinda apocalyptic theme and the map become more darker and maybe with flame in the tile where him is built?

Great idea! Probably won't be able to include it in this release, but will add it to my list for later. In general it would be pretty sweet to have towers visually influence their surroundings!

What do the shards of light bringer do? About the preview idea: maybe Lucifer permanently has the angelic elixir effect? Edit: I don't know how the idea would work, but if you don't have something planned, you can try to work in my idea about having 4 swords that work together. In this case they might be called fragments of the fallen or something like that. It could be as many pieces as you want, but if there are more than 2 pieces, they shouldn't generate card dust. Also, since Lucifer looks powerful as he is, I feel like for balance reasons (and my own vision), the fragments should not be worth using unless you have multiple carries. Maybe this effect is too complicated, but this is what I just thought of: If any of the fragments of the fallen are used, the highest dps tower has its damage reduced by x% and (cannot benefit from the next effect - maybe?) Meh, that's getting really complicated... But if you find a way to simplify it into something usable, then that would be neat. Wait: I know the answer! Well, maybe... I was going to suggest that all creeps get a health boost instead (much easier to explain than a specific tower getting a penalty), but... Now all towers have their effective damage reduced....

Is piece an intentional word play? Or did you mean peace?

Thanks for the heads up Kami. No, that was a typo! I've fixed it by now :-)

The typo is also in the text above: "Both dark and light Lucifer let damaged creeps rest in piece. So long, revive creeps!"

Thanks Fuzzy. Yup, I even had the ability class names wrong, had to refactor the code a little, too :-D