Master Sniper

Thank your for giving your vote in the latest poll. For me it was extremely hard to pick just one tower from all those excellent suggestions. But in the end the result is pretty clear! The most votes and your favorite tower is the Master Sniper! I just grabbed my drawing tablet and did a first artwork of it! The abilities are still missing though :-) @Nomad: Congratz and I'm looking forward to your feedback on this!

Awesome! Also, I could never say all the pictures were made by you! Well then. I think I'll be constantly watching on my app update until this is released!

My my, I would've thought the Chef to be the winner since we're lacking Aura towers but... Who am I to complaint! (: Also, for me when I hear the word "Sniper", I imagine a Sniper holding an AWP rifle from Counter-Strike or a green beret more than a Tank :D But, since you've gone through the trouble already, no need to change it. It's a small detail afterall. What about how it functions? You haven't mentioned that in the card info. We gotta see it in action! BTW, I think I'ld prefer a Full name instead of a vague nick name :D

For Android the release will go live the upcoming weekend!!

Any suggestions for a name for this guy? Your choice, sir :-) As for the abilities, I'm trying to implement a pierce attack for this guy as you indicated in the related thread. For the shots, I'm letting the fired projectile split into several bullet parts forming a little cone, to have the desired aoe effect. Let's see how that goes :-D As for the second ability of this guy you suggested some headshot probability. I think a X% chance to do Y% more damage in a shot would be really cool :-D.

Well then since with your changes, the character reminds me of this rather then the Master Sniper, the name and motto can be found in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVQ8byG2mY8 :P If you can do the base damage higher but every bullet part less powerfull that'ld do it. Maybe once in a while with an X% chance he can shoot 1-2-3 bullets depending on the level of the monsters/tower. Maybe that would cover the issue of headshots.?