Master Sniper #2

After Nomad's excellent suggestions and feedback about the master sniper, I finished coding the abilities, and wow! It will be a LOT of fun to play with this tower! What do you think guys? sniper-in-gamesniper-card
Here is Nomad's video reference for the slightly changed tower theme :-) @Nomad: Is the name of the tower alright that way?

Seems quite nice that Scarface :D The name is a bit cliche now but, cliches are good. Is the effect just an effect or is it really the bullet trajectory? The cone... That might play an important role on where to place the tower maybe. When do you plan the new release BTW?

It’s really the frustum in iso space every creep within will suffer damage, so it will be really interesting for gameplay and strat i figure :-) My goal is to submit the release tonight, at least the android release!!! In case you would like to change the card's name it has to be done fast, at least if it shall take effect in 0.9 ^^