Mazebert TD 0.8.0 Preview Release

Today the 'friends & familiy' preview release of Mazebert went live. Going live means, I sent a preview release to a selected group of testers per mail. A listing of the new features/bugfixes/balancing adjustments is available here. Not everything is done yet, that's why there is a follow-up sprint for me (0.8.1) A very special part of 0.8 are the new set items, which have been created by the community in Challenge 0.7. Now, here is some eye candy to look at! Hopefully the final release of 0.8 will be out at the beginning of February! item21_card item22_card item34_card item7_card item20_card item28_card item29_card

Glad everything is rolling! Been rather busy last two months, i think it's time for me to go back and help mazebert grow.

Some grammar nitpicking / flavor text recommendations: So if memory serves me well then you should use present perfect for most of these rather than simple past (since simple past refers to an even in the past that has no impact on the present). "This water has been frozen for ages." ("has been" or present perfect to imply that it's still frozen. "was frozen" implies that it is no longer frozen). "Life still resides within this heart" - not quite sure about that one but I think it sounds better :o "This candle hasn't been shining for a thousand years" again present perfect (and the 'a' before thousand) "The happy days of this cactus have passed a long time ago" "Haunted spirits are restless"

Thanks Nillo. Dang, you're right about that. I added a ticket for me to polish those texts. Good catch!

Gonna need to make it harder. No armor cap and armor growth rate + 1 for every hundred waves. Eg for 1-200 armor = armor + 1 then 200 -300 armor = armor + 2 ad infintum. Wave 850 and counting.....

I cant pass stage ~90. Playing for 4 days now, leveled my wizard to lv 34 now. Can u give me any hints? Most of the Time I run out of funds, Air units or nornal with loads of hp run through. I am very experienced in most TD'S and here is far beyond expert knowledge needed. I like that! :) The harder the better, but I need an advice. This is by far the best TD Ive ever played, btw! Congratz Chris

Hi Chris, thank you for the heads up :-) In general, the guides and strategies forum is a good starting point in terms of tips and strategies of other players: http://mazebert.com/forums/forum/guides-strategies/ For beating the game my usual advice to try a Huli as carry tower, combined with as many female towers around him as possible. Then go for crit chance, crit damage and multicrit... In this thread I explained it more in-depth. Also have a read through the replies of the more experienced players below, wich are already many times better than me in this game already ^^: http://mazebert.com/forums/topic/favourite-carry/ Good luck and see you around!

Ive been playing for AGES. brilliant game, love the new updates, although frozen items seem to be a little to lopsided to use them individually... would need micromanagement. Just got a new phone, so seems I'll have to start again on the levels. :( Good luck!

wow i look nothing like that.... randomly assigned picture?