Mazebert TD available in space

Mazebert TD is now available in the entire solar system on ?#?GooglePlay?! interstellar

Hey guys, I played this game before a year every day . like a nerd :D now I wanted to play again and have seen that I can not log in anymore. in the field support , I still see my nick with my donation , but when I click on reset password , I get the error message that my nick doesn't exist . username : Unspeakable Can you help? //google translation ftw! :D

Hey there! are you having trouble logging into the game or the forum? Afaik the game has no password, just a save code and this code cannot be changed. Can you send me the link where you try to reset your password? Thanks for your help!

Hey Andy, i have problems with both. I can not log in the forum or in the game. My old username "Unspeakable" no longer exists. Link: https://mazebert.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword Screen: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4322/fmeo88va_jpg.htm Thanks for your help :)

Thanks for the additional information. I indeed couldn't find a wordpress user with this name. Do you remember the email address you signed up in wordpress? As for the game I found a user 'unspeakable' (lowercase), level 80. I guess that's you :-) I can send you an email with your save code, so that you can at least load your progress in the game.

Hey Andy, I think my E-Mail on WordPress is Loose.Michael91@web.de Yeah of course that's me :) Can you send me the safe code on Loose.michael91@web.de? Thanks for the great and fast support!

Email is out! :-)