Mazebert TD has a forum

I'm sorry that it was a bit silent around this page the last few days. A whole lot of you told me that it would be great to have a forum on this page. Some stuff simply doesn't work out that great on facebook or on the blog comments. You're right! The forum I integrated is bbPress and integrates quite nicely with wordpress. So you will be able to use the same account to post on the blog and on the forum. However, bbPress falls a little short in terms of user experience. It was quite a pain in the ass to set up everything how I liked it. So please bare with me :-) If you notice some flaws or miss some feature you like from other forums please let me know! Finally: A cool thing I extended bbPress with, is the ability to connect your Mazebert player profile with your user profile (Check out my profile to see how it looks). I'm looking forward to your posts in the new forum. But mostly I like to finally work on the actual game again! Enjoy: The Forum!