Mjoelnir buff in DoL

In Dawn of Light Mjoelnir will receive a significant buff. The 10% chain damage is pretty weak at the moment and will be increased to 24%. Plus, Mjoelnir will get a totally new ability: Creeps that are damaged by the carrier, will die instantly once they reach 10% life or less. What do you think? Will these changes bring our good old hammer back in the game?

Yeah, that sounds worth using. Especially for 1) attacking potential leaks, 2) passive 11% damage increase (since they die early), 3) finally, the actually multi-hit which gives an average of about 24% more damage as well, right? About the lightning: does it do 24% of the damage just dealt to the original target creep? Or is it 24% of the average damage number? Also, since Thor is a Viking and we are buffing vikings, it might be cool to have additional interaction there.

Oh that's a sweet idea! We could have something like: Hammer of Thor. Only a viking can lift it. The lightning damage is the one from the current hit. And yeah, it's about 24% more damage with this item.

Making it Viking exclusive seems to celebrate the Viking a bit too much, in my opinion. But adding a tiny boost to only Vikings is probably not worth the effort. Well, what if each of the Viking's axes triggered the lightning? I don't know how it works right now with Trident, but it doesn't seem like it triggers every set of attacks.

Aye, might leave it as is then! It is already a lot of text on that card by now :-)

I don't think it's very strong, even if it doesn't need Vikings. Compare Messerschmidt's Reaver.

When most stats come from potions, this is pretty strong. I'm afraid it might need a nerf, but requiring the wearer to be a Viking should be good enough. It basically gives you 10% more speed, damage, and crit damage. That comes out to about 40% more damage until you hit minimum attack delay.