Mobile only!

advent-calendar-9 Starting with 1.0 the desktop version will no longer be maintained. This means the app will only be available for the mobile platforms iOS and Android. iOS App StoreGet it on Google Play
It wasn't an easy step to take, but there are some very good reasons to do it:

Damn, this is the 1.0 release!

Which means, the app steps out of its beta status. The UI is designed for a phone app, not for a desktop game. In fact, I initially introduced the desktop version just for the reason, that players could try out the first alpha releases. This happened at a time the game wasn't in any app store at all! So it is about time now to cut off this branch!

Improved maintainability

Although I currently use a cross platform development environment, it is still much more convinient if there is one less platform to actively support. This helps me to focus more on adding new content than administering release cycles.

Less exploits & in-memory attacks

Over the past months we experienced a lot of exploits and in-memory attacks coming most likely from the desktop version, leading to non-representative scores in the ladder, especially in the bonus survival modes. Although I took some steps to make this harder in 1.0, without a desktop version we will most likely see a way smaller amount of cheating attempts in the new release.