Money Bin lore!

There's now lore for the Money Bin! It was stupid of the creeps to break into the Money Bin. Because while a welcome mat sits at the Bin’s front entrance, intruders quickly learn the mat is just for show. The Money Bin’s ground floor is protected by traps too numerous to list in full, though they include fall-away doors, spiked walls, acid pits, gatling guns, and a host of venomous creepy crawlies. Those who survive these initial perils are able to access the Bin’s upper levels, but would-be robbers must still contend with ten additional floors’ worth of guards and snares if they intend to access the Money Bin’s vault. The vault, of course, has its own defenses, though in reality it needs none. Because any hooligan unfortunate enough to reach the Money Bin’s eleventh floor must face the Bin’s creator - an industrious Scot who defends his wealth with a vitality that belies his age.