Most popular towers so far

After roughly a week, here are some stats about the most used carriers in games that were won:
Tower Total Percent
Wolf 50 31.85
Balu the Bear 32 20.38
Holgar the Horrible 15 9.55
Hitman 14 8.92
Shadow 11 7.01
Huli the Monkey 5 3.18
Scarecrow 5 3.18
Solara, The Fire Elemental 4 2.55
Muli the Evil Twin 3 1.91
Scarface 3 1.91
Black Widow 3 1.91
Knusperhexe 2 1.27
Miss Jilly 2 1.27
Electric Chair 2 1.27
Blofeld Laser Satellite 1 0.64
Abyss King 1 0.64
Dandelion 1 0.64
Baby Rabbit 1 0.64
Poisonous Frog 1 0.64
The Dark Forge 1 0.64

Nice to see Balu get alot of love! Does the carriers get registered after you die during waves/bonus round or does it register once you've completed all waves?

When the completed game (either won or lost) is submitted to the ladder. The server needs to replay the entire game anyways for valdiation, so its easy to store the stats after that (best hit tower, most damage tower, most kills tower, etc)

I don't see any The Ripper in this list! It's so hard to make him viable and a reliable main, since his range is so limited.

There is something about the ripper that makes it so hard to work. Even with hades helm.