Mr. Iron Rebalanced

The following things will be done to Mr. Iron in version 0.9.3
  • Base damage increased slightly
  • Unique and set items cannot be integrated!
  • General: Dark items cannot steal more XP than earned!

Thanks for the great ideas and hints you shared in the forum to rebalance this guy. I really like the adjustments :-) What about you?

I'm not sure about the changes to Mr. Iron. As far as set items go, he should be able to integrate them into the suit. As far as Uniques go, there are only a few he shouldn't be able to put in. Mummy Bandages is one that comes to mind because it's unique AND set which means no one can then gain the set bonus, including himself. Another item is the Scepter of Time because it's way too easy to kill yourself, drop the Impatience Bonus, or have some other horrible eventuality fall upon you. I'm also pretty sure that the scepter causes attacks to be dropped from time to time. And finally the Dungeon Door for many of the same reasons as the Scepter of Time. An untimely spawn of that little bastard can really screw you over. As far as Excalibur, the rings, Helm, or Messerschmidt's though, I don't see the problem of letting him integrate them as needed. Also from what I've seen, it's nearly imperative that he gets as many Frozen Hearts integrated as he can so that he can even serve his intended purpose of carrying.

Basically the adjustments were made, because of being able to integrate those items (frozen hearts, powerful uniques), he ist too OP in the current release. The bonus is, that you cannot destroy valuable uniques by accident anymore. To still make him a viable carry the base damage was increased by ~25%, which should have a significant impact on end game damage :-) I think this could work.

Does it mean that we won't be able to integrate set items or that the set effect won't be integrated? Because I don't like this since a lot of the items are a part of a set. :/ But since I cannot make a huge difference I'll just go with the flow.

It means that no green or purple item can be integrated.

Mr. Iron's ability to integrate any item (especially set items) was the reason why he broke the game. Consider: Cactus: Made him penetrate over 100%, breaking the game. Full Wither Set: Made him do so much amplified damage, he capped the hexadecimal limit, breaking the game. Unrelenting Force: Made him deal stupid amounts of damage, causing him to heal creeps, breaking the game. Dungeon Door: Guaranteed spawn, as it's easy to level Mr. Iron to 99 very quickly, and stack luck on him. Andy removing the ability to integrate set and unique items means that the things that broke the game so easily, are simply fixed straight up. Now you can just integrate a whole lot of Meat Mallets, Mushrooms and Steaks to make him a full on damage carry - the way he should have been played. Or, you could just stuff him full of Cauldrons and Fists as a support tower. In the end, it's a good balancing decision.

Its a simple fix, not the best fix imo.

Well, when you look at it that way, this is a very reasonable.

When looked the jhoi's way.