New bonustime ladder season

advent-calendar-18A new season starts with 1.0! Who will be the first to submit a score for the new maps? Right now the new bonustime ladder is alone and empty. It's waiting to get filled ;-) Note that the 0.10.0 bonus ladder has been closed today. Bonus time submissions with an app version less than 1.0 won't be added anymore.

Love the new update!!!! Been playing this for quite some time, have played all TD games on market, and for depth of gameplay, this is #1. Sitting on number 2 spot on new ladder, but sure will be bumped once more update game, lol. Side note, my game seems to stutter a bit since update, wonder if any other users are experiencing this. Ran smooth as silk before, but now not so much. Anyways, love the new update, more to do..and something to work for...AWESOME work!!!

Thanks Thermo for the heads up!! Hmm, about the stuttering. The only thing I can think of right now is that maybe your settings weren't migrated correctly to the new version. Cause the default FPS value was changed from 60 to 30. But it should've remembered your previous setting. Maybe you can do quick check on the game settings FPS value? Cheers!

Hiya Andy! Thanks for the response. And yes, you are correct, somehow it switched to 30fps...changed it to 60 and back to slaying creeps, haha. Guess I was just to caught up in the new content to check out all the new changes, lol. Awsome, awesome game!