New card ideas

?ukasz sent us scribbles of his card ideas. What do you think? Thanks for sharing ?ukasz! 11041472_817353635020984_1070473910_n 11056872_817353665020981_1893002069_n 11020930_817353648354316_326534459_n 11020315_817353595020988_1678547534_n 11004391_817353575020990_1353816859_n 11040146_817353548354326_1949418050_n

Hello, the ideas itself are not bad, but i would like to suggest a few changes. The first thing is the three headed dog. For a three headed dog, it is always Cerberus in my mind. Mhm a suggestion about the Dragon: Instead of "Dragon loves money" i would call it it "Dragonhort". Each time the Dragon kills a unit the dragonhort gains money as the amount of the creep bounty (Creep dies = 25g for your wizard (Bounty on creep =25g) +25g for the Dragonhort). for every X gold it whatever is there happens ^^' (some ability... +Basedmg +Dmg +Speed or whatever ^^ or Maybe an aoe burn? on 200k it gains a little aoe burn on 1mil it the area increases and the dmg increases like +3% per n*2,25 while n is always the last amount when it increased. starting with maybe... 1000 gold?) And last of it: For every creep which passes through the defense (and you lose 1 life or more) the current amount of gold in the hort gets reduced to 50%. Mhm, and a question about the "Equal Potion" What exactly do you mean with it? do you mean all towers get the AVARAGE experience (3 towers get "hit" by the potion area: 5000exp +7000exp +1000exp = total of 13000exp / 3 =4333 exp for each tower) or dou you mean: a level 99 tower drinks it and every tower around it gets level 99 too? Or last possibility i see: 3 Towers get hit: levelwise: 15 + 10+ 45 = total towerlevel of: 70 / 3 = all towers will have level 23,3 ~ level 23

Nice ideas Ontrose! Actually, the Godzilla and Dragon cards are pretty cool ideas I think. And they come in pretty handy as well! Because: Right now, metropolis and nature have no legendary towers yet. So.... Godzilla - Metropolis, Dragon - Nature. Dragonhort sounds pretty nice to me. Especially the fact that you loose progress on the dragon whenever you leak. That's exactly the kind of drawback I'd like to see on expert cards. Godzilla is a bit OP, so some drawbacks for him would be nice too. Maybe every n seconds there is a chance he has to fight mothra and every 2nd attack is skipped. Something like that ... Balancing potion is pretty cool too. I would prefer following formula. sum of tower experience / sum of towers. Would be pretty epic!

Hi, yes that is a Cerberus and all sugestions with dragon are good. I give you a idee and wait what say anothers players. Equal potion - all towers get the avarage. I was thinking about new clas of towers with two place to bulding not legendary.

I'm back again ^^ Addition to Dragonhort: Maybe let the Dragon reach "Ragemode" when leaked for... 30 (well... maybe 5secs suffice...) sec its Basedmg gets increased by the amount of lifes lost... So you have a drawback cos of leak, which immediatly stop potential leaks in that round. The overall drawback for the coming rounds is still there... (Just mentioned it, cos it fits to the Dragons Topic ^^ not to give more work to you xD) And about Godzilla... first i dont really know mucha bout him... never saw the Films etc. So i do miss quite a bit of lore there... The second thing is... im not sure if my english is weak or the autors ^^' got trouble to understand a few things he said there. Maybe its both of us are just mediocre.... First: His Aura i would call "Force and Rage" or somethin... Giving Metros Towers dmg and Nature Speed? But Andy mentioned it should be a Metro Tower... If you go give Metro some dmg boost and nature some Speedboost, why not add Shadow in there? Maybe if fix Luck Bonus (With all the Carnage around Godzilla its easier to slip into the shadows, for dark beeings, unseen by eyes... ) Dont like the Idea of just letting 2/3 Races benefit from an Aura... If you do you should think about Blood Demons Sword only be equipable by Shadowtowers? (Maybe Hitman and Pocketthief to... fit to the dark theme at leaast...) But i like the Idea of a bosskiller, but DOUBLE dmg is a bit high i think... Maybe like 0,5-0,7dmg/level add. I think 50% more dmg to bosses (i think Challange and Horseman is meant here???) is more then enough to make it viable. As far as i know he is shooting some kind of "laser" or something... Let it hit in Instances like mentioned with my "Magnifier", Each attack in a row deals like 5% more dmg AND got a chance to "desintegrate" the Target, instantly killing it (does not work against bosses. first hit 0,5% second hit on the same Target 1% and every following hit increases the chance by 0,25% on the same target, Bosses instead Struggle not to fall apart and "Stopping" [Stunned] for a brief moment...). Then we need a BIG BIG drawback... Maybe add another Monster Property "reflecting" or "chromatic", which reduces the efficency of Light/Heat attacks? (Solara, Blowfield....) and let these creeps get reduced dmg by such attacks and from Godzilla especially a movement speed bonus when it... Another way to go would be like "Godzilla is in an constant frenzy" and towers around it might get "Scared" which adds a 50% miss chance for towers around it for 3 seconds... Going to pick my brain for some more ideas later on... Just throwing everything in i can imagine ^^ About items: Dragon Scales. The problem i see here is in combination with the Blood demon. Are you able to get more then 298 life with that scale? (or well 398: 200 Startlife +198 from that potion+weddingring). The thing is you might add a +500 (or more) dmg sword to a tower which got 270 [Scarfac or has it been 370 dmg?] which would be way to OP in the combination. My advise here would be: Each attack got a 10% chance to to Fortifie the Wizards Castle, preventing to take 1 dmg if an enemys comes through (The ablity fades after 15seconds, and stacks to 25) Which means you can get 25 "life" saved with full stacks, but you cant get invincible or stack 500 dmg for the sword... The other thing is the Rock, I think its not really worth using it on a Carry Tower, just a random item besides the Buzz Buzz! Set. I would let it Scale with the Attack Speed (minimum cooldown 5sec, max cooldown 30 or 45) and give it 250% of the BASEDMG (no dmg multiplyer here) and 5% stun. All this in an 3x3 Square (1 Field AOE). Would you place it on a Manitou or Ganesha now? Nope. But maybe on Balu or Blofield (Since Basedmg gets HIGH on it) For potion: I think it would be easier (and resource friendlier) to take towerlevel instead of exp...

Hi, yes I have a problem with English as well as other languages. and don't care by it. I'm the guy from the Polish and I love to play this game. Pozdrawiam wszystkich polaków graj?cych w t? gre!

Well, I thought about the "Dragonhort" again and i see a flaw there. The point is "lose X% Gold when you leak a unit". The Tower is quite pricey... so its a late game tower and normally there is no chance to leak after level X... Maybe change it "If a creep runs out of the Dragons attack range" and reduce the amount lost to 20% -0,1%/level (min gold lost 10,1%). Or if another Unit instead of the Dragon kills the enemy the Dragonhort LOSES the gold. So it might be a "one-carry-only" tower? Well another problem i see: If you play with the Blood Demon together, the possible malus can never happen, cos if you leak then your dead ^^' Thats why i think one of these might be more suitable for a serious drawback on the card ^^ (Just think about the people who use 10 Jillys XD and everytime they kill somethin the dragon might get weaker ^^)

i think they're gonna be OP