New community challenge!

skill With version 0.8 available for some time now, it is about time for a new community challenge as well. With the newly introduced endless mode the ladder is getting more and more dense. In the top field there are at this moment already 5 players who are > level 80! Players are running out of options on the current skill tree! So my challenge to you is: Think about a new player skill. Let your creativity go nuts! There are no rules, except that the best submission will be implemented in 0.9! The challenge ends February, 28th. I'm very excited about your suggestions and the new skill! Please post your submissions to the corresponding forum topic.

what it is savecode? iplayd in mobile and now see desktop mode. can continiu?

Hi cireka, by entering your ladder savecode you can gather experience for your wizard on different devices. So you do not need to start from scratch on every device you play. Cheers Andy