New creep abilities

creepabilities Slow, Fast, Armor? Our creeps can do better than that! We're looking for your ideas for new creep abilities. Wanna see an example? Second Chance as first seen in YouTD! Creeps start with less hitpoints, but whenever they're about to die, there is a chance for them to be resurrected with a percentage of their hitpoints and to continue their path. Feel free to post your idea on the blog or on facebook! The best ideas will be implemented in the next version. We're looking forward to your ideas! Power to the creeps - #creepabilities!

Phasing: after getting hit creatures phase out of reality becoming invurnerable for 1 second, could need balancing i just threw it out there ;) could also be a percentage chance to phase out after being hit, and bosses could phase out 2 sec or maybe 0.5 sec depending on balancing issues on how storng the phasing ability gets. thus also makes it more important to have a second carry in the back if the phasers get out of reach of the main Magical shield: a force field that surrounds the boss/creep that you have to destroy before the mobs take dmg, could be displayed in blue color above the green healthbar on the creeps, maybe 25-75% of mob HP could be shield hitpoints depending on if boss/challenge/creep and/or level of them and ofc you always have invisibility but then you need tower or items or other skills that can see the invicible units so its maybe not the right ability for this game i'll come back i i can make up some more

oh yeah or instead of phasing you could have: Shuffle: Shuffles the creatures around the map making them run same amount of tiles as the map intends but they spawn on different places and decreases the chance they are in the hitting range of your main Sandstorm: lowers the mobs range by 1 for 5-10 seconds after spawning Sandblower/Quicksand: the mobs arent slow but they make your towers in a 2 square range tired and slowed down by ??% Weaken: same as sandblower but decreases the dmg% instead

oh the i meant the shuffler ability shuffles them maybe every 3 sec or something on a new random tile

Superman in training/jumpers/bouncers: they jump so half the time they are airborne and have armor/defences as airunits and when they land and run they have armor and def as normal creeps, i dont know what the difference between air and ground units are really in this game, i only know that you have the bow to increase air dmg

I saw this in a SC2 arcade game TD tycoon. Eruption-On death, disable all towers in x range for y seconds. Might work better for normal creeps only, Jet pack-Allows creeps to periodically jump over terrain/tiles (like the reaper in SC2) Legion (Horseman Mechanic) - The horseman enslaves all of the wizards acolytes, sending 50/60/70/80/90/100(max) mass creeps from the wizard tower towards the horseman. For every creep that gets to the Horseman, he gains 1%increased health, but 0.25% decreased movement speed. Also makes the Horseman bigger with every creep.

Once attacking a rat creep there is a % chance that it replaces an item from your towers inventory with a rotten cheese.

Champions: Mass with normal mobs (16 mass 4 normal spread out) Division: Mobs die and split into 2 additional but weaker mobs if normal, Boss's split a total of 4 times (2 , then 4 , then 8 then 16). Alone we Stand (normal/mass only): each unit that dies every other mob regains a percentage of life Together we stand (normal/mass only) : Mobs Start out with Increased HP/armor but each time a unit dies every unit loses armor and hp Keeper (boss only) : every 2 tiles traveled spawn an Egg with x% of the bosses hp , can be killed, that spawns 2 units (x% boss's hp) after 5 seconds. Time shift: x% chance on being hit to ignore x% of the damage dealt I work out: take more damage from female towers, but less from male towers. Relic (youtd style) : Increased loot chance, reduced gold reward

Great ideas mate! Only one i think would have problem is the "I work out" due to lack of a strong female carry

Hello, i would like to ask is there is a way to add waves with "leaders" in it. Lets say its a normal FAL wave, with a single leader in it having an aura which speeds up units on the tiles next to it for 20% (he doesnt benefit from the buff himself). Would work out with armor, slow aura (for towers), dmg reduction in x% or having really annoying waves with "instead of exp gain, the tower loses the same amount of exp" or gold, or just set the tower exp to the currents level minimum. *Maybe call it a Drummer (carrying a drum or whatever) A level 20 tower has 20k exp and needs 25 to level. Right now he is on 24k and kills a creep, he will get reset to the minimum exp of that level (which would be 20k). I like the Split units idea. Reminds me of desktop TD. Anyway, lets get brainstorming a bit more. Let them leave wards after death, which adds a buff for this AND the next round (or timebased?) with armor/speed/life/slight regen for the tile they died on. That buff does not stack. So one buff/tile (otherwise a mass spawn would likely to break the game if you have 30 times lifereg on a single tile...). Then in addition you can add some kind of targetint rule via a button. "target first" "target lowest hp" "target strongest" etc. Strength would be determined by MaxHP*Armor. So lets say the shadow is on Strongest Enemy locked and the Dandelion on weakest. Dandelion would prefer mass/normal spawns and the Shadow would go for Boss/Challange. (If it has already been added in the latest version im sorry. Bit lazy about updating ^^') Or well, since we get a hero right now, lets switch the "horseman" against enemy heroes. Instead of healing via Aura, they explode and heal all surrounding tiles by 10% of their MAX hp. Revenge: Every hit on the Creep reduces the towers dmg by 10%. (or well, depending on the on the level. 0,2%dmg*actual level. So each hit on 500 would reduce the dmg dealt by 100% [on a 500 rounds match you normally end with 1500% give or take a bit dmg bonus.). Or go for a Phalanx: First mob gets +25 armor, preventing AOE dmg as long as he is alive. Sticky: Each attack on the Enemys reduce attakc speed by 10% or by 0,05 sec. The amount of time the buffs/debuffs ahve should be around 3 s like the current buff sets. Wrote this while beeing on work. So please excuse my mediocre english and of course jumping between ideas ^^'

This is the current creep abilities we have: – Fast: 66% health, 150% speed mod – Slow: 150% health, 66% speed mod – Rich: 160% money – Wisdom: 160% experience – Armor: +30 armor Currently we don't have any real drawback on any abilites, that why I think the new abilitie should offer a nice reward while creating some kind of "fears" to the players. I'm going to based myfirst idea from the new heros (OSMO). Name: Relic (as in Youtd): +50% item chance + 25% item quality But -25% xp -75% gold +25%monster hp. This kind of level would help for the early/mid game to get some item while not being cap in IC/IR. I feel this kind of bonus will allow player to have a easier time to scale into mid game. Also, I had the idea of some kind of splitting monster: Why would be want to kill an unit multiple time? First reason would be to get more reward since killing more unit may mean more drop. The second reason would be that now we have 2 tower who scale of mass unit killing: Knusperhexe & Abyss King. The unit would be consider as mass unit allowing people to get some free "stack". I find this idea interesting because nowadays whenever you use these tower they have to be OUTRANGE of your carry tower to be able to "stack" creep. It may allow players to have a new way to gather mass creep while being in carry range. Splitting: Each monster Split in 2 new monster for normal. I don't think we can make it for air/boss. Why? Because If we make an unit plit & split again It would make multiple unit stack the same place. And for air, I would mean to create a new air based creep considered as mass and I'm not sure It should be a good idea. Next idea, It would apply to normal,mass,air creep. Union: Everytime you kill an creep the following one will get bonus. First of all, I don't know if you can make a different statistic for each kind of monster. If you can: Air wave: +10%hp +6 armor -10%movement speed +10% heal +5% IC/IQ Normal wave: +5%hp + 3 armor -5% movement speed +5% heal +2.5% IC/IQ Mass wave: +2% life + 1 armor - 2% movement speed + 2% heal + 1% IC/IQ If you can't: +5%hp + 1.5 armor -3% movement speed + 5% heal + 1.5% IC/IQ I was also thinking about a "bonus" wave: It would be a new monster Greed: Greed is mostly would be a really strong monster who remplace a wave (or placed as a fixed wave). Greed would drop some goblin based of the dammage you dealed to him at the end of the wave: like 1 gobelin for every 10%/20% life you made him lost. This new level would force the players to make a choice: They can either try to kill/dammage him and get some reward but risk to loose because of the ammount of gobelin or swap tower to dodge him (Greed would not make people loose life). That's my idea for you, I expect to have some nice feedback :3

_Strong: more armor or hp _Fast: more speed _Unlucky: - trigger change all tower in range enemy _Evasion: creep can avoid attack from tower _Second change: creep have change double hp. In my opinion .thanks for reading !

Two simple ideas... Rally, units get stronger as they get closer to the castle. It's twin... Charge, units start stronger and get tired as they close on the tower. This really effects different strategies and makes single carry less viable. Personally, I wish the game allowed players to realistically have 3 or 4 carries. I think it would enable more stategy and fun combos.

Vampire. 50% HP but... Any vamp creep (with a range of 2) lowers all tower levels by 3 for 2 rounds. (Towers < 10 only lose 1 lvl.) Obviously, balancing might be needed.

i like those ideas

i like the concept of greed being at a placed wave and all. but there are players who play with only 200 waves, and then 500, how Would We balance that? ima try and build onto this concept for some other cards i am creating.

Love both phasing and magical shield suggestions!! Also, a separate shield bar for magical shield would be awesome!!! Think quite the same of invisible, and I always found it some kind of annoying in YouTD. Probably not well suited for Mazebert.

Sandblower/quicksand/weaken might be hard to grasp for players what those abilities will do to their towers, I guess? Like the shuffle idea though, as it will be instantly visible what those creeps are doing, hehe! So you suggest that they have to walk ALL TILES, but they jump during walking back and forth, every N seconds. I guess, the last piece of way will be the same for all then (Last few tiles towards the base). Think this could build up a lot of tense during playing!!

Cool idea! I really like it, not sure however if this can be easily implemented :-D But I like the concept. What do you think guys?

Pretty cool ideas! Eruption on death really sounds like something reserved for normal / air creeps. Could look like an EMP burst or something, shocking and disabling towers in range for a second or so. While disabled, towers could spark with electricity ^^ Jet pack could maybe be combined with MRDRR's superman suggestion? What do you think? Will be hard to implement though, I think! Legion is a pretty cool ideas!! I'm not sure however, if we should give the horseman extra abilities (right now he has non as he is already very strong). I could be unfair to players who get a horseman with insane abilities, while others simpy get a regular horseman.

Hehe nice call! But I think this could be frustrating for players, if there is no way to protect them from this, except removing all items for this round (which probably becomes annoying very fast). Maybe we could change it that those cheesy rats drop only rotten cheese instead of items?

+1 for champions on mass waves!! Division would be similar to grav I think? We should consider doing this for bosses only, like YouTD did eventually (if I remember correctly). Maybe could be combined with keeper ability? I love the egg concept (Always play Yoshi on Smash Bros ;-)) Alone / together we stand are interesting concepts, but maybe bit too complicated? I think it's not as self-explaining as I'd like them to be. Same for time shift / I work out / Relic I think.

Hey Ontrose! Thanks for all that input! Btw. if you haven't upgraded to version 1.0 yet, I can highly recommend it ;-) It's the first official release and it you will notice a few differences/polishing when playing compared to the previous versions! Absolutely love the concept of leaders with special auras (Also making them drummers :-D) Not sure however if I have assets for those but will check. Not sure what you mean with the dropped wards after death. Are those item cards? We're currently discussing the option to set-up different attack strategies for towers, the player can choose one. Sure thing that will come as a first step, is a manual focus/unfocus of the creep that should be attacked by all towers if possible. Not so sure about revenge/phalanx/sticky. It might be hard for players to grasp the concept of those abilities, I think they are not as self-explaining as they ought to be. Thanks so much for all this input, has been a good read!!

Love the concept to add more fearsome waves, while promising nice rewards in exchange. I think relic might be a bit hard to grasp for new players, to understand what it means. Could easily confused with the card relics collected by quests.. Maybe we could alter the name a bit to make it more obvious.. Maybe treasure or something? I'm with you on the effect, which is really nice! Hehe, thought of something like 'Baby on Board' as I read your suggestion. Kill the big guy, and his child (mass) will run off. But might be a bit too much hurting the good taste :-) Oh god, I'm a sick bastard! Think union is also hard to grasp and understand.. Bit too complicated. On the other hand, I looove the way of Greed. I think this would be the king of all treasure goblins ;-)

Ohh yes, unlucky. Miss Jilly's will fear those guys. And second chance will be added, definitely!!

Yes... Those could work, if assisted with some small effects it would be easy to understand what Rally/Charge do.

yeah hehe that was what i was thinking about the shuffle, yes the last tiles would still need to be run normally or it would be to hard to know when they reaches the castle

Would be pretty tough for early game!

i think he mean the wards like a totem with aura buff for that tile, like shaman in wow

hell yeah goblin king would rock!

also liked the champins alot

What i ment in my earlier post about item replacement is that it unequips an item and replaces it with a rotten cheese.

My ideas: 1.Counterstrike- for 2 seconds all towers attacking it will be stunned by 1.5 sec. 2.Tunnel- burrows and creates a tunnel 2 range away. The tunnel last for 3 sec and can be used by creeps behind it. 3.Let's Duel- challenges the tower that has dealt the most damage to a duel. Other towers will not be able to attack it except the tower which was challenged for 5sec. The Creep/Boss moves 70% slower but if it survives the duration of the duel (5sec.) then the challenged tower is stunned for 2sec and afterwards loses x% of its total attackspeed for 3 sec. 4. Undying Will- when it's HP drops below 10% it invokes an evil spell. All damage taken within 3 sec. will not do any damage but instead will heal it for 1% of its total HP per attack. It wont be able to move during the duration (something like a channeling spell) 5. How about a wave with a mixture of air and land units (2:8). With the air units having a chance to cast FLY WITH ME wherein a land unit rides the flying unit. Armor are of a flying unit and HP is increased by 50% of the land unit's HP. 6. FrostBite- chills the air on the map slowing all towers by X% for the duration of that wave. 7. Call for Air Support- %chance to summon an air unit during the duration of the wave. Air units that are summoned has a chance to cast FLY WITH ME (as described on #5). Note: #1, 3, 4 and 6 could be added to the Horseman to make it more challenging. Maybe make it like a %chance that it will randomly cast any of the skills above for the duration of the round (except #4 which is triggered by the remaining HP). I also support the idea of a chance to have a leader on a normal/mass wave that could have abilities.

ya, shadown 'll lost more dam if he meet unlucky .Some contributions: _Slow : decrease attack speed all tower around creep I think creep can have 2 abilitis in 1 wave , It can apply for normal and hard mode :D

I thought about relic/treasure when I looked about the current bonus and saw there is no bonus altering the IC/IQ. I still wondering is the drawback is enought/abuse and if this is too many IC/IQ. Well... Yeah... "baby on board", I don't know why but I'm not a fan of this name ^^' But I like the concept of mass but I'm still wondering how it's going to happen. Will the creep overlap or will they get some space betwiin them? I was kinda unsure about this one with the new tower: Acolyte of greed who makes goblin overlap if you spam them on paused game. Yeah "Union" was an idea pretty hard to make. But I found it an interesting idea if it was possible to make. I really like the fact the goblin aren't based on "luck" anymore since you can have them from towers now. But @syotos: "made an interesting point: but there are players who play with only 200 waves, and then 500, how Would We balance that" So here is my new idea: Each time you kill a goblin, you have a chance to spawn GREED, the collector. Greed is an RARE monster spawned from goblin corpse: starting at dead corpse? restarting at the start of the level? Does Greed is killable? unkillable? Will he drop item from dammage based to him? On his death? Can we make a legendary item based on Greed? I think this way greed can be a new kind of random challenge? I think that I will put this on the forum to know the opinion about the community about him

alone/togeather are more complex i admit, one is where the more there are alive the weaker they start but get harder the more that die and vice versa, the more alive the stronger they are and get weaker as each dies. and yeah division is kinda like grav in youtd (didnt play much when that was out) couild be boss only if wanted (and would potentially be sinister combined with keeper)

Great ideas syotos. If we make a challlenge-like wave with 'Greed, the Goblin King', there should definitely be some legendaries referencing this guy. Would be totally cool I think!

Hi icen, thanks for sharing! 1. Counterstrike would be pretty much game breaking, especially in late game. An option would be to decrease those creep's hitpoints dramatically, but could still be pretty tought to balance between early and endgame. 2. Tunnel - absolutely love this idea. Unfortunately it's not an easy one to implement with the current isometric sprite rendering. Probably need to defer that one. 3. Let's duel is a really creative idea! Not sure however if players will understand easily what's going on there. 4. Great concept! I think that this is something, that could be visualized extremely well to the player. Like some aura around the creep, and healing numbers. Those waves would go along great with the upcoming manual focusing ;-) 5. Hehe, good one! But same as with tunnel, this is not easy to implement (I don't have a sprite animation for land creeps riding on air creeps so far, and right now it's almost impossible to create in a reasonable amount of time). 6. FrostBite - pretty cool ^^ maybe this could be combined with leader creeps with such an aura around them? Also at the moment, I think that horseman shouldn't get random abilities. Mainly because he is the strongest type of wave at the moment and it would be a bit unfair if he could get randomly really bad-ass abilities on him. Maybe he could have unique ability, no other creeps have? This way at least the horseman rounds would be predictable challenges for all players.

Breakthrough X and Deathwish X - Breakthrough X : If you lose any life from a creep with Breakthrough X the NEXT creep wave will get the additional ability X - Deathwish X : If you lose no life from a creep wave with Deathwish X the next creep wave will get the additional ability X X could be an ability from the normal Ability pool or just a buff in toughness pennidng on balance. The aim of this abilities is to challenge the player to estimate his towers powers right. We already have an active ability to boost damage and you can change the inventories anytime. So a planned leak is totally possible. I think this is an increase in demanded tactic.

Soulbound:for mass waves all enemis share there life

I like splitting, unlucky(could also add lucky?) and phalanx ideas, while i sugget: regenerating(obvious), armorless(like horesmen and challanges), summoner(spawns a mass creep every tenth time he is attacked), chaotic(every time a tower attacks it it switches to another target, if possible), sthealty(towers wont attack it if they have another target available)

i dunno if this is still open or not but i've been thinking a bit on some of my suggestions, mostly visual,(this may already be understood or thought about) on the phasing ability the mobs that procs could be transparent/invisible, same as towers equipped with helm of hades for easier visual understanding when the ability got activated. On the magical shield besides the shield health bar there could be a blue aura/shimmering/forsce field or the like that vanishes as the shield dies, also the shield could have a separate armor value. dont know how it would work or what values for what but it could inrease/decrease the shield strength and say let the shield takes 6 hits from the same tower to die but when the shield is gone he dies in 2 hit,(i just took hits(hits instead of dmg) from one tower to easier explain ) or it could be 2 hits from the same tower to kill shield and 8 to kill him, i dont know really how to explain in a good way but i hope you get my point^^ then we have the shuffle idea, i said it could shuffle creeps every X sec on a new random tile, but if that would not work it could be say every 2-3 tiles instead of seconds? the same result but different factors, also to make the shuffler ability more advanced it could also have a % chance to run the same tile more than once but still counting it as a new tile run if they have run 4 tiles and proc to run tile 4 again its still adds as 5 tiles run so its not that the creep have to run all tiles once but can shuffle to an already run tile again as long as the % procs but lets say the map has 15 tiles of path, he dont need to shuffe so he spawns at only unrun tiles but the same ones many times, if he already run tile 1,2,3 and then run 6,7,8 he can be shuffled back to run 2,3,4 and then jump again but still only run 15 tiles, and maybe 3 last tiles are always run normally. i don't know maybe too complicated but its for you to decide =) that's all! peace //

@Andy: 1.How about putting Counterstrike on Leader Creeps/ Champions? 2. Oh thats disappointing, this one was really one of my fav ideas. But no hard feelings, I understand. 3. My idea is something like a visual cue something like the the tower and creep turning red and perhaps a sign or icon above both of them (maybe two crossed swords) to indicate they are dueling?? 4.This one is my fave. Hope you would consider this. XD 5. Oh thats sad. I thought this was a really strong idea. 6. Sounds good. :-) 7. How about this one @Andy?? If Fly with Me wont be viable then you could just have it as an ability to have a percent chance to summon air support (air creeps) during a land creep wave. ***ANOTHER IDEA: MEAT GRINDER- a meat wagon follows behind or in the middle of a normal or mass wave. As it moves along it picks up creep corpses and gains a x% of health anD maybe additional y% armor for each corpse it collects.

***ANOTHER IDEA: MEAT GRINDER- a meat wagon follows behind or in the middle of a normal or mass wave. As it moves along it picks up creep corpses and gains a x% of health anD maybe additional y% armor for each corpse it collects.

oh and i think the cactus or future armor penetration items/towers sshould have some bonus dmg to the magical shield, that would be cool