New forum ??

Heya! it's been a while, but I've recently found the time to write a new forum. It's no longer bbpress, but a self written solution. Downside: no deep integration into wordpress. Upside: no more spammers and deep integration into the game! What does this mean? Everybody is allowed to read. Only players of the game are allowed to write! You can login with your IGN and savecode. Hope to see you at the new forum! PS: This game is not dead yet. I'm currently working on a complete rewrite with proper multiplayer support. Cheers Andy

good news? hope the game will have chinese language?

Party! super cool - go go Mazebert

Andy I thought MazebertTD was on iOS ;; will you release it on iOS?

Hey Kana, yes it was available on iOS, until Apple removed it from the AppStore. According to Apple it simulates gambling and was therefore removed. Currently I'm rewriting the game in libgdx (Java) and try to add multiplayer support. Technically there seems to be an option to cross compile libgdx to iOS, but since Apple has removed the game anyway it's not on top of my list. Which sucks, as I have an iPhone myself.