New ladder backend

The ladder backend is ported to Java. After integration testing the development environment during the past few days, I feel confident enough to go live with the new backend. 1, 2, 3 live! Players shouldn't recognize the switch (except maybe a slightly improved performance). Although the whole thing is written test-driven with a coverage of 93% percent and the fact that I manually tested each usecase with the current app, there might still be bugs that slipped through. If you notice anything weird about the ladder backend, I'd be glad if you throw me a message! And the good news: After this being done now, I have time again to add new game content. Yay!

Good work Andy. Huzzah for new content!

Hooray! Moar content! Can't wait to see what's in the pipeline.

Is this working for bonus round scores in addition to level? Ladder seems to be tracking my level ok but I hit a nice bonus round record (and screenshotted it so I can track my build) that I don't see reflected at all.

Hi Kline! Bonus round scores *should* work, at least with the test data I used. Maybe you did not have internet access (or the submission failed) when you finished the bonus round? In this case the game will retry to send the score next time it synchronizes with the backend. If this doesn't help, could you send me your player name, together with the screenshot you took? This would extremely help me to sort this out. Cheers!

Pretty sure Internet and the rest was working then as I was able to watch my level ladder position keep climbing within the game. I'll email you the screenshot and such here in a few, thanks!

Thanks for your mail! I looked into it this morning and indeed there was a problem with the score submission. I fixed the submission for new scores and did a temporary migration step to fix the wrongly submitted scores. This means your score is listed in the ladder now :-) Thanks for reporting!