New version, new challenge!

This time the challenge has nothing to do with achieving a goal in the game. Behold! There was something troubling me concerning the items, something I really, really wanted to implement for this game for a long time. Have a look at the two images below. set-swordset-amulet

Yes, you've seen right! There will be item sets coming to Mazebert TD! But sets... that's a quite different thing compared to "normal" items. When I just think about the epic sets in Diablo 2, how much love the developers must have added to the concept of epic sets like Cow King's Leather, Immortal King or Bul-Katho's Children. Who would ever forget those names? Designing a sophisticated set of items plus balancing the set boni is much harder than just making up a single item. That's why I need your help! This time the challenge is: Make up a set of your own! The following constraints apply:
  • A set must contain at least 2 items, max 4 items
  • There must be at least one bonus for wearing the complete set
  • The rest is up to you!
Please post your idea as a comment to this blog entry! The best 3 ideas will be implemented and added to the game. The challenge ends November, 30th.

Will be hard to implement, but it feels "cool" (haha): Frozen book: (uncommon) +30% exp -15% dmg Frozen heart (rare) +1 multikrit -10 %crit -10% dmg Frozen Water (normal) +30% Dmg -20% Exp -20% bounty Frozen Candle (rare) +15 %crit +20 % crit dmg -1 multicrit (min 1) 2 Set Bonus 10% slow 4Set Bonus: Frozen Ritual: If the wearer kills a unit, after Wearing all 4 frozen Items for 1 min, a dark ritual is performed by the tower, summoning "Gib, the frozen deamon" (special Tower card, is added to the stash, items are consumed!) Gib, The frozen Deamon: Element: Darkness. Only getable by summoning. Summoned Deamon: Its hard to control the power of a mighty deamon: Getting more and more in Rage over his summoning, Gib attacks another Tower. Every attack has a 15% chance to slow the attackspeed of Gib and one other tower in 2 Range for 50 %, lasting 2 seconds. Frozen bite: Beeing a deamon of frost, Gib freezes his target more and more. Every attack slows the creep down for 25% , but giving it 1 Armor with every hit, till the slow ends.

I really like this. It is certainly cool ^^ I think implementing it should be no problem 8-) The items and their boni/mali look very solid. One question about the 2 items bonus: Does slow mean a slow aura around the carrier? Which range would it be? About the 4 items bonus: I like the constraint for the ritual, really nice idea. Do you think consuming the items is necessary? It would also be possible to make Gib unique and check if he already dropped. However, if the intention is to get more than one Gib in a game, then its perfect the way you described it. About Gib: Sounds very solid! Just one question about the frozen bite ability: When I see it right, the frost would last some time X, say 3 seconds and during that time the slow stacks. On every hit, would it reset the coundown of 3 secs? All in all, a very solid set concept, applause :-)

In both cases, 2 set bonus and frostbite i thought for an on hit effect. Nearly every TD has it, and i miss it. I was thinking about an unique ritual, too, but it would also be cool to perform it multiple times. So my goal was, that u can have multiple versions of gib, but you have to sacrifice items for it, so you have to think about, what would be better. The bite should reset the slow on every hit for the time X and give the creep 1 armor. This way the slow has a counterpart, so you have to think about the placement (you have also to think about the placement because of the summoned deamon ability). Maybe it should be a higher armor increase per hit and a harder slow through summoned deamon (but reduce the range to 1). One Thing i havent thought for is the range gib should have. If the armor bonus per hit is higher then 3, 3 range should be good. on lower stacking (like postet above, 1) the range shouldnt be more then 2. The intention behind the tower was, to give him options being a carry AND a support. I like to have options on my towers :D Another thing, not about the sets, where should i post about the chalenge rewards?

Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on my pc the last few days! Thanks for the additional info about your set and gib. I'm really impressed, that all sounds very good and I feel it will fit perfectly into the game. Thumbs up for options on towers :-) Could you post your ideas for the challenge rewards on my facebook wall? https://www.facebook.com/mazeberttd I'm already quite excited about it!

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