Next step - Heroes!

lord-rodericTrading of cards - check! Next: Implement Heroes ... Say 'hi' to Lord Roderic, one of the legendary heroes in version 1.0.

Any chance of changing tower suggestions into these hero cards? Such as nonstackable auras/ creature kill reward? (+_ for every _.)

Hey there, hmm, what exactly do you mean? Do you want to turn a tower submission into a hero card submission? Could work I think. What tower is it we're talking about? Cheers!

No tower specifically. I guess more like gear sets for second best tower ideas. Where as if yiu did not implement an aoe ability tower, you released a card that would level up during or parallel to td gameplay. Sooooooooooooooo. ... the principal would be like set cards\ amplifying during td, and resetting after. I.e. stage 1- 20% crit, stage 2- adds multi crit +1, stage 3- multi crit causes rainbows to shoot out of orifices lol. Not that obviously , but I think you understand what I was saying a little better.

You could release a hero temporarily, from patch to patch, and store them up for big events or a full blown game. Hero card stays with the user as inactive during off season.

Actually, it would be an easier mechanic if you did it based on wizard level. Stage 1(lvl 10)- + crit % per wizard level, stage 2 (lvl 30)- start all newly built towers start with painting of solea, stage 3 (lvl 60)- towers have .01 chance to stun per wizard level.