Novice Wizard finished

The third darkness tower, the Twisted Novice Wizard made it to the game!

In game video

An army of Twisted Novice Wizards, accompanied by some Small Spiders, casting a lot of unpredictive spells! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2E4i5E1Ny8&feature=youtu.be

Some screenshots

Twisted Novice Wizard has a quite long card description for a common tower. But it is worth it I guess. I'm very interested to see what strategies will evolve around this guy. novice-wizard-cardnovice-wizard-ingame

So quick question...25% chance to backfire... luck should make this go down not up right?..that would be bad if u don't code that different for thus card

oh my god I love this! :O

Yes, the backfire is considered a negative effect, for those luck decreases the chance instead of increasing it :-)

Andy does any thing on it scale with levels besides the damage?

Currently the chance does not scale with level. I know this is opposed to you submission, but I thought that the scaling might be a bit too much for a common card.

Be nice if you could add that though..to have better things on a card. Like you build a novice..then after replacing it 4 times with another novice it becomes a blue card..replace 8 times becomes yellow..replace 16 times now it's unique status..This would make each game different as u might not get the required amount of cards each game for your favorites..different strats. And of course can change the amount needed based on test runs of actual amounts.