The second rare light tower is finished!
Phoenix has a new kind of damage ability. It constantly burns all creeps in range. It starts out very weak, but you can buff Phoenix by using gold and spare Phoenix cards! Thanks @Ghul for your idea!

Is the additional base dmg scaling with level? I expect that it doesn’t. Also is this not similar to kiwi just higher spd?

Yeah, the added damage is flat and does not scale with level. This is different to Kiwi, it does not really deal attacks at all, but applies the DoT constantly.


Would I be correct in saying that speed potions and items would be useless on the Phoenix? Or would the DOT tick faster?

@okon they increase the damage per second, so they can be used safely. Same for crit / multicrit!

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I like the card and the artwork very much and i feel a little bit honored. Thanks for still one of the best game apps.

Thanks! That was a great suggestion. One of my favorite DoL towers.

Does the Phoenix not attack air? The air rounds don't seem to take the burning damage...

Yes he does attack air.

Can the phoenix crit?

No but crit chance and crit dmg are directly factored into his dmg, afaik.

Is the DOT damage reduced by creep armor? Is the phoenix damage increased by Solara's effect?

Everything works normal.

Does Unrelenting Force work on a Phoenix? It does not seem to have an effect.

It should, since increased attack speed increases phoenix' dps.

I think he is talking about the yellow item not the set bonus. Which does not work, as Phoenix does not do attacks in the normal sense, the dmg increase does not proc.