Player profiles finished!

player-profile From now on, every player has a very own page on mazebert.com, displaying his/her personal game progress. For instance, this is my profile page. When browsing through the forum, or one of the ladders, you can now open the player profile of any player, by simply clicking on the player's name. The sidebar on the right now displays a list of all the players that are playing in this moment. Same here, just click on a player's name and the corresponding profile page will open. Hope you like it! :mrgreen:

This look great! awesome done! tnx this was very cool and i liked the sidebar aswell =)

Thank you!

one question though that i have been thinking about is about profile pictures, is it only Dev's and mazebert team that can change picture? i have wondered wht mine looks like and it looks like 2 crossed swords in mini size or when in forumprofile size it looks like a frontal picture of a cow =)

Everyone can change profile pictures. I admit it's not very obvious at the moment :-D The blog and forum uses gravatar (https://gravatar.com). Simply register your e-mail address you use on the blog/forum on gravatar and configure your profile picture there.

ah cool tnx i've wondered 'bout this quite a while now =) also super with the card hovering feature! thumbs up