Player progress comes in next version

In the next release there will be a player profile for your card summoner. Every time you play a game of MazebertTD your player profile gains experience points. The longer you last in a game, the more experience you will get! [caption id="attachment_697" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Player progress! Player progress![/caption] So do not wonder if such an overlay screen strikes you in the next release. You made a level! You may ask yourself what's the point about this? For the start there will be a new public challenge for player progress in the next release. It's planned to create a ladder on, where you can submit your player progress from inside the game. As you might expect, the level cap will be 99. Yeah, well, and the real point of it? For the release after 0.5 a whole skilltree for your player profile is planned, in good old Diablo style! So stay tuned :-D