Please upgrade to version 2.0.3

Version 2.0.3 is available for download on Android and Windows (Edit: submitted for iOS, let's see how quick Apple will review it). Bugfixes:
  • Fix crash if hologram is sold before creep dummy is killed
  • Time Lord cannot be stunned by Kiwi (thanks SnoreFox for finding and sharing)
About the Time Lord bug. This is really an actual, gamebreaking bug, not a balancing adjustment. Still it wasn't an easy decision what to do with it. And a big thank you to SnoreFox for finding and reporting it. Since SnoreFox is the only player who has Kiwi so far in DoL, I decided to roll out a fix to the server immediately. This means all games submitted from now on with Kiwi stunning a steady creep (like Vir), will cause a dsync on the server and will only be partially valid up to that point. Crafting Kiwi in DoL season in versions 2.0.2, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 is not possible anymore, to prevent dsync frustrations. If you can, please upgrade to version 2.0.3 asap that contains this fix. Sorry, that bug is on me! Sorry about the inconveniences this caused. And thanks to SnoreFox for helping me to fix it that fast. Cheers Andy

Let us know when Play Store updates. It showed 2.0.2 right now

It will probably take a few hours to bubble through all cdns :-/

And I am here, stuck on 2.0.0 on iOS...

No worries! As long as you don‘t have Kiwi and do not sell holograms too fast you‘re good. It now depends how fast Apple is with the review :-/

On a related note could you add a comprehensive list of all release notes to your web site? It is not necessary but then if someone wants to check for changes they do not need to dig threw the news. It must not include all versions since day one maybe you just start with v2.0.0 or so

Could do that, but I'm currently not sure where to put it on the page. Will add it to my todo list.