Poison Arrow

Working on TheMarine's poison arrow suggestion. It's gonna be a black market item for the next version. hydra-arrow

This seems a bit too over the top with the numbers, especially for late game. I'd say reduce it to maybe about 8-10% with 0.2-0.4% per level. That seems a tad bit fairer. I would also like to know if someone might want to design a tower that benefits off of poison damage? Sort of like Cassiopeia from League of Legends? That might be a cool interaction

Would it really be that OP considering that you would have to give up a good item to equip it? On my carry I usually have blade of darkness(i think it's called that), blood demon blade, excalibur, seelenreiser and MS. Exchanging any of them would drop the total dmg amount pretty much. Will be fun to experiment with.

Tower like that would be interesting :-D About the damage: I did a few tests and tried different numbers and the current values seemed to be quite ok. Two things to consider for this: - the poison is not applied instantly - the poison calculation uses the damage that the creep received (after armor reduction). The applied poison damage is then affected by armor reduction again

Could be a cool thing on Balu the Bear, Dandelion or Solara. =)

Thank you so much Andy this is what i really wanted!! it seems absolutely legendary but I want to say 1 more I feel 10% damage of Mjolneir and GT1 is worse than a frozen heart I think it needs buff like 100% damage on boss anyway I can't wait the next version

Hey, glad you like the item!! I think GT1 and Mjoelnir are currently some kind of hybrids. They are okay on your carry but I think they can shine on some support towers. Well, except GT1, the set buff with the additional item slot is pretty epic for carry too.

Agreed, GT-1 doesn't have a tower it doesn't work well with, it's awesome. Mjoelnir needs a little work though. I know I couldn't get it to slow multiple opponents, or stun multiple opponents back in the day, which would've been great.

Either the description is off or the effect isn't very good. The way I read it is like this: 100dmg = 80 normal damage + 20 damage dealt over 4 seconds. Andy mentioned the armor reduction which would basicaly make it that your tower damage is reduced twice by armor reduction. Not only would you deal less damage with this item, your damage 20+% of that damage is over time resulting in your tower attacking a mob more than it should. As I said above either the text isn't clear or the item is actually a debuff? :P Perhaps the description should be something like "adds 20% of tower's damage as posion damage over 4 seconds."

You're right the description is off. I noticed about an hour after posting the screenshot :-D Here's the current description: Whenever the carrier damages a creep, 20% additonal damage is dealt as poison damage over 4 seconds. This ability stacks.

Ok everything is good Andy can i get some information about the armor? I could find this https://mazebert.com/2014/05/18/new-armor-calculation/ is it still working? and I want to make sure. Does X increase 1 per 1 round? and same in the bonus round too?

This is still the calculation. And you're right about the armor increase!