Quests, Relics and Foil Cards

[caption id="attachment_3886" align="alignright" width="169"]Artwork of the Quests View. Artwork of the Quests View.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3884" align="alignright" width="169"]Artwork of the new main menu. Artwork of the new main menu.[/caption] Foil cards are finally implemented! Every card of the game now exists in a golden version! What's still missing is a way how to earn those foil cards! Here is the concept I worked out during the previous weeks:
  • Quests will be added to the game
  • A Quest can be anything from killing 10 challenges to having Knusperhexe eat 5000 creeps.
  • Reward for completing a quest are card relics.
  • Card relics can be used by your wizard to craft new cards, that do not exist in the regular game.
  • Crafted cards can be one of the following:
    • The foil version of a regular game card.
    • Hero cards, you can pick one Hero card at the beginning of a new game.
    • Legandary cards that are not part of the regular game deck.
  • Decks will be added showing your achieved foil, legendary and hero cards
  • Duplicate cards can be swiped up for new relics
I finally have a version of the concept art for the new Quest feature ready, that I can show around without shame! What do you think about it?
Here are some shots of foil cards running in the game! [caption id="attachment_3885" align="alignleft" width="200"]Screenshot of a foil tower. Screenshot of a foil tower.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3887" align="alignleft" width="200"]Screenshot of a foil item. Screenshot of a foil item.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3888" align="alignleft" width="200"]Screenshot of a foil potion. Screenshot of a foil potion.[/caption]

Love everything about this Andy! Will definitely get people playing all sorts of different strats to get the cards. I have to head off to school right now, but will be back with some ideas. One could be "Dangerous Game": Consume 20+ Mead Potions on the same tower. :D

Oh, what about: "Conqueror": Defeated each map! and "Elementalist": Mastered each element separately. Okay, gottah dash to school for reals.

For the Foiled Cards , would their be anything 'special' about them besides the border? or for the items (relics??) and u said hero' card , are we going to have a new type of thing to 'level' with our Wizard level? that could unlock new things as it levels (outside of game) If any of that is long the llines lmk i got hundreds of stuff for that we could talk about / run over

and what about legendary cards?

you could always do the dmge challange one hit wonder = single hit dealing (insert figure here) dmge you the real mvp = single tower dealing (insert figure here) dmge in one game you could also do "reach (insert figure here) accumulated dmge for one whole game here are some other ideas ive come up with shapeshifter = make shadow adapt for nth time money money money = spend this amt of money through the laser Mark Ifinity = make mr iron construct for the nth time

Nice idea. Two thumbs up for me. ^_^

Awesome quest ideas!!

At the moment, nothing special about foil cards except the border. Would be nice if they had a small gimmick compared to other cards, but I'm not sure what this could be. Maybe small xp bonus when a foil card drops, but I'm not so sure about it yet. Any ideas welcome, of course :-) Levelling heroes is a pretty, pretty cool idea. Haven't thought of that possibility yet.

Legendary cards will be a tier above unique. Those can be cards/items/towers. They will be added over time to the game. Of course they will NOT be overpowered compared to the regular cards. More some kind of expert cards for experienced players to use in certain special builds, were they could be quite aweseome..

Nice :-)

-for the foils would they be - once unlocked via quests every card of that type a foil (or the first one of said tower /item received) or just a chance while rolling a card? if the first of it (or all) then maby have it start with +x amount of levels, or damage bonus or have it emit an aura of being 'shiny' adding its own unique effect to towers around it ( widow - units 1 radius around also gain 2 exp on unit kill or something) and for items possibly make it little more stats and/or allow a 2nd one (non foiled) to drop. (if the purple ones). and yess when u have time lets chat about them hero cards!! lol .

This quest concept is right in line with what I suggested months ago as achievements. What could maybe have are quests for each tower. Like miss jelly. Have your basic ones..kill count..amount placed..then could have things like her ability..creeps instant killed...other quests could be challenge monsters killed..where they del the killing blow..same with bosses and the horsemen. Collecting 1000 horsemen kills as miss jelly would take a while and be interesting builds for other towers to get this. Now the point of these quests for the tower is each completed quest boosts the card stats by x. This could be a flat rate..or simple percent of like 10% increase..so in short..you spend the time getting all the quests done for a tower you get a more powerful version of itself now.

Huge bug....wow Soo pissed. .I had over 100 potions...and wasted hours for the end game now it's pointless... The bug is when your married..and you drink all your potions..If you go into the equip screen and change the ring..none of the potions you used go to your partner. So to avoid this you need to quaff your potions..then exit out of the tower screen before you change get out the rjng... So mad right now it's not even funny...bad enough I restarted my profile from level 1 because when you put version 9 out it deleted mine and I didn't save my save code anywhere..but this sucks..

kinda thought that would be obvious bud since potions dont take effect until u exit the tower screen to the map. I've always known about that so its not a 'bug' its your messup.

and on top this isnt the place to put this post, theres forums for 'bugs & suggestions' as well as others.

I like the idea. Gives you some motivation to try weird things. I am an RPG fan and this sounds a lot like it.

Nice comment syntos...my messup...what a douche you are..I didn't know it was coded to not take effect when you exit the screen..wow..my mistake for not knowing was it written down somewhere? ? Did I forget to take a class on how Maze Bert was coded? Go find a short pier and take a long walk..World don't need people with your superiority complex..just cause you didn't do it means others messed up..wow just wow

Yes it is almost the same concept. However in the presented version cards do not get better by completing card specific quests. The quests are more generic and will repeat over time. Every day you get a new quest randomly assigned by the game server and it is up to you if you want to complete it or not. You can discard unwanted quests once per day. Max amount of parallel quests is 3. When a quest is completed, your reward are card relics. You can use those relics to craft new cards. The crafted card is random however - either a Hero, Foil or Legandary. One thing I am not sure about yet, if foil cards should have another advantage beside the golden look. But my tendency at the moment is no :-)

Sorry to hear that Glamrune. This must have been quite frustrating :-( @syotos That's not true, potions take effect as soon as you drink them. Not after leaving the tower menu. I just double checked the code and did a short test. Potions take effect instantly. Same should be true for the wedding rings. Ring carry drinks, other ring carry receives the on_potion event and the other ring carry drinks a copy of this potion as well. I'm a bit clueless at the moment. I will create a ticket for this and try to reproduce. Maybe we have some flaw with the second carry. But this is definitely a bug! @Glamrune if you send me a mail with your previous ladder name, I can look up your lost save code in the database.

Lol thanks..but might of overwrite it as I used the same name..not sure if can find it by dates or something. Thanks though..love the game don't like the new armor though..even on easy I can't get to wave 500 often at level 60 unless I use a certain setup of towers...least before on easy could use almost any type of combination to make it to 500 and try the bknus..now it seems u need to have 1 main carry decked out with potions..items to do enough damage to kill the normal creep waves between 60 and 150...usually after 150 if you make it that far your golden.

One challenge could be: finish game without potions. Titel: Teetotaler

finish a game with the two highest lvl towers at most 15 lvl higher than third highest tower. titel: Equalizer