Rare darkness towers vote


We need more darkness towers!

The winners of last week are - Black Priest by icen- 30 votes - Solara, The Fire Elemental by Spirrow - 14 votes Congratulations icen and Spirrow. I will start with the artwork of your tower ideas as soon as possible! But what will be the other towers? Now it's getting interesting! We continue with RARE TOWERS today (2 needed). These are the towers you can vote for:

The Ripper

Damage 10-10 (?) starting speed 2-3 Damage to – ALL - Range 1 Bloodthirst! – Upon critting The ripper gains .001% damage/crit damage permanently Killing Spree – Each Kill the ripper goes into a murderous spree Gaining .05% attack speed permanently , and additional 100% for 2 seconds. (does not stack, must fade before replenishing)


Rare Cost 3000 Attack 1-4 Activate ability: Creeps get confused, and start walking backwards for 3 seconds. (Plus 1 second per 20 levels) Ability recharges once Illusionist has defeated 100 creeps.

Ghost Orb

Yellow card Damage: 10-20 range: 3 attck speed: 2 sex:unknown Abilities: Orb attack- every 10sec it generates a lesser orb, sending it out along with its attack dealing 40% (+1% per tower level) of the Ghost orb’s damage. Each additional 100% attack speed reduces its cooldown by 1sec (with the lowest at 3sec) Torment- there is a 5% that it generate 2 lesser orbs.

Potion Master

Yellow. A “dark” scientist, tower gets bolstered stats but similar to regular scientist. 1% chance every kill made by ANY type of scientist to create Mutation Potion. Mutation Potion can only be taken by Dark towers, giving perm 5% increase to luck and experience. No transmutation to higher level.

Imp Mines

3400 gold, Level 1 power= 15-20 Level 99 power= 150-350. All imps equip any equipment attached to this card. Every 5 levels, another imp joins the battle


3900 gold 5-12 damage 2 range 1.2 sec attack speed Cerberus has three heads that attack independently, and Cerberus counts as part of the wolf pack


(Like necromancer but thought of giving its name a little twist) Rare Dmg:20-25 Range:3 Atk Speed:2 gender:female Cost:2500 Abilities: SOUL EATER: during attacks she has a 20%chance to capture a dead creep’s soul and eats it gaining a permanent 1% damage increase and 1 armor reduction. +0.1% chance per level +0.01 damage and armor reduction per level UNWANTED PRESENCE: the necromuncher’s presence strikes fear to the hearts of enemies and allies alike. -10%damage to towers within 1 range.


Starting speed 2 Damage 2-6 Range 2 Fal Demon Possession: Every second the Cultist is not attacking he begins channeling, giving a 10% chance to summon a demon beside him to attack. If there is no Demonic Prison placed the Cultist is instead Possessed by the demon. (+5% at 10/25/35 levels) See Prison (tower 2) for demon stats. Possession – The cultist goes into a demonic rage for 10 seconds gaining 500% damage 100% attack speed but losing 100% crit chance.


Yellow Gem 2500 Gold 1.2s 13-19 dmg 3 range Siren’s Call: Creeps have a 5% (+0.2%/level) chance of being entranced by the Siren on each attack. Entranced creatures gain +100% speed to rush towards the siren, and then stop. The entranced creeps lose 25%(+0.5%/level) armor Devour Soul: Each entranced creep that the Siren kills gains the siren +1% damage, and +1% attack speed.

Vote now and join the dark side!

The poll will close Friday next week. PS: Any rare tower suggestions I did not add to the poll are on my list of potential legandaries! [yop_poll id="12"]

I see good ideas. Can't decide! These towers could really give birth to new fantastic combinations!

see the imp mines seems like its interesting but very lackluster in detail of whats actually going on for the ability. if the creator of it Could maby explain more for the community / voters that would be appreciated because like i said, it could be an amazing concept but lacking description.

Yea i votet for the First One nur After a few days i think Imp would also ne a epic combo