Reginn the Dvergr

Quite a few players complained about the RNG of the card forge. And I can feel the pain! So what's the problem with the current mechanic? For new players it is actually pretty good. Every foil card they get is probably new, and there is a fair chance to even pull a legendary out. For advanced players however it gets more and more unlikely to get one of the desired cards that are still missing in their collection. I think this is quite a frustrating experience, especially when new content updates are released with new legendaries. I'm currently working on the option to forge cards directly. I adjusted the "my cards" screen, so that all cards are displayed. Non golden cards are rendered in a ghostly blue, indicating that they are still missing in your collection. For missing cards a buy button is enabled. Pressing that button leads you to the famous dwarf Reginn the Dvergr. He's doing custom forgery for you, if you are willing to pay his price.
  • Common: 50
  • Uncommon: 100
  • Rare: 150
  • Unique: 200
  • Legendary: 400
Excited to hear your thoughts about this addition! Will you pay Reginn a visit?

Seems great but i think crafting a legendary should me more then 400 same for unique

This will be what actually gets me back in to the game. I'd given up because of the Forge's RNG. This cannot come soon enough.

Hmm I tried to put it in relation to the black market offers, which are at 250 at the moment...

Glad to hear! And I totally understand the current card forge rng frustration.

The day this feature release will be the day i back to the game

Glad to hear :-)

I can't wait! and I think the price scheme is pretty good if not perfect. Wish I had read this before I started my 500 wave Golden Grounds run though ;)

As for a release date, should be somewhere around begin of April :-)

Just to make certain that there isn't anything I have missed, you get 1 quest a day giving 40 or 60 relics a day, so every 8th day you can buy a legendary? Considering I am in for the long haul, that's not so bad, but would really like to take complete more quests a day. Great idea by the way, and thanks for a brilliant game!

Pretty much. Also note that black market items cannot be bought through this mechanisms, they are only available via black market.

This is needed! Just blew 5000+ relics on forge and didn't get Seelenreiser. Thanks lord unlimited quests are unlocked today (maybe forever?). That would have been 100 days otherwise... The RNG really is terrible:)

Not forever :-) See this post: https://mazebert.com/2016/03/30/infinite-daily-quests-fixed/

Wow! I finally beat the Golden Grounds and unlocked Reginn the Dvergr. Can now craft any of must have card. After playing this game a year. Thanks Andy for this wonderful game.

Well played! :-)