Release 1.6

Release 1.6 is available for download on Google Play, Apple App Store or on Windows! Don't forget to visit the Black Market this weekend. A new legendary card will wait for you there. The black market guy was so excited about the new release that he dropped the price to 50 relics! There's a lot of other new stuff in this version:

Multiplayer support (Beta)

You can now defeat the evil creeps together! To make this happen I've rewritten the entire game from scratch. CAUTION The internals of the game work completely different now, so please finish all games before upgrading, you won't be able to resume them with the new version. Multiplayer is still in beta, so please bare with it :-) That said, I've successfully played hours of coop matches and it mostly worked out fine. Crossplay is fully supported, so it does not matter if your friends are playing on Android, iOS or Windows. There are currently some limitations to be aware of:
  • No matchmaking, no audio chat. SnoreFox was so kind to let us on his Discord server to compensate for that.
  • A technique called UDP hole punching is used, which probably won't work for most cellular networks. WiFi is the recommended way to play.
  • Two players are max right now
Hope you'll give the multiplayer mode a try. I certainly will as long as I'm not busy fixing bugs :-)

New daily quests

To celebrate the new release there's a new quest for winning a coop game together. And the cool thing is that both players will get the reward afterwards! Also, there's a new quest for beating hard difficulty granting an extremly high reward.

New blackmarket cards

Two new cards made it to the current black market rotation. I think they will open up interesting new build possibilities:


This tower should bring Nature back in the game. Brace yourself, Darkness!

Balancing adjustments

  • It's no longer possible to play with all three elements at once, you must choose two
  • Amount of rounds is no longer chosen per skill, it's a built in option instead
  • Drop rate was significantly nerfed (around 25% less)
  • Drop quality was significantly nerfed (it's no longer granted that all possible unique/legendary cards will drop in a 200 wave game)


  • Scepter of Time has no negative effect on amount of attacks anymore
  • Damage over time is now calculated correctly and DoT kills are rewared to the correct tower (heya, Frog and Solara)
  • Knusperhexe can eat revive mass creeps again without crashing the game
  • A LOT MORE actually... And I might have added new ones during my rewrite. Please share if you're running into bugs, so I can fix them!
Have fun!!!

3 elements should still be playable in solo mode instead 2 limitation should only impose in multiplayer mode

wheres the fun in just 2 elements right?

When making this change I already had the upcoming white deck in mind. Otherwise the hands to deal with will get pretty big. At least for the start of the game I think its cool that you have to decide which elements you're going for. I could imagine a new game mechanic, that would allow to explore more elements in the end game though...

Hey Andy, thanks for the best TD ever. Been playing it for 5 years. Your future vision for the game sounds stunning. However I have to agree with the others that the best part of the game is its divercity and therefore vote for the option to play 3 elements from the start. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.