Release 1.6.2

There is a bugfix release available for Android and Windows. iOS version was submitted to the App Store and will be available as soon as it passed review.


- Fix crash when opening golden tower cards or deck master skill selection - Deck Master skill now displays the chosen card

I've played this fantastic game for countless hours and both read and developed strategies plenty. I was so happy to see an update for the game, but that happiness quickly turned into agony. You've made the game too punishing. I read about the nerfs and I feel like you've hit it way to much. Especially item drops early on. I've tried around 15 games now and failed 14 of them before round 100. I'm playing on easy and use all the old tactics that has always worked.

Hi adam, thanks for your feedback! I'm taking this very seriously. And I believe I've added a bug that reduces drop chances on the early ways much more than I thought. There will be a fix for this in the next version. The chance will still be a bit lower than before, but not that crucial. Cheers Andy

Hey Andy, it is nice to hear that you are going to fix this. After a couple of games it started to get really frustrating, especially when you are used to the gameplay from 1.4. During some runs I only got 4-5 items in total till I failed at around Wave 60. Also, I encountered Bugs on the daily challenge screen. One time it said that i‘ve cuddled Balu 68904/200 times and another time it said that I survived 68904/800 seconds in the bonus round. Cheers Hilmar