Release 1.6.3

Release 1.6.3 is available for download on Google Play or on Windows! iOS will probably arrive during the next week. There are two exciting new features in this version!


There is a brand new replay section, containing all games you've submitted so far. This means from now on you will be able to rewatch all your previously played Mazebert games! Multiplayer games are supported as well. Plus, if you want to share a replay with friends, you can simply send them a link.

Element research!

The two elements limitation was quite frustrating for many players. The limitation is still there, but only for the early game! From now on, once you survive a Horseman wave, you can pick a element card to research an element you've not been chosen before. From here on it's up to you. Do the research right now, save the card for later or simply swipe it up for card dust ;-)


Most important thing first: Loot is fixed. The drop chance is still reduced, but the early game loot is back to normal. I've introduced a last minute bug without knowing when bundling up the 1.6 release. Sorry bout that. I did an optimization to the loot system and this had the effect that all item levels could be rolled for a drop and if the item level was too high the drop was silently discarded. Yeah, not my brightest moment. It took me quite while to track down, what exactly was wrong with the RNG. There are a few more fixes: - Fix for game being stuck between waves - Fix Irish Pub's ability - Fix Kiwi's Haka had no effect - Fix sound performance problems Have fun!!!