Release 1.7

Release 1.7 is available for download on Google Play, Apple App Store and on Windows! Since there have been quite some balancing adjustments, the 1.6 bonus round ladder is closed and all 1.7 games will count towards the new 1.7 bonus round ladder!


  • New hero: Bookworm
  • New wizard skills: Damage against Ber, Fal, Vex
  • New wizard skill: Archmage for more wizard experience


  • Dungeon Door now caps at 30s
  • Balu cannot cuddle faster than once per second
  • Shadow max adaption reduced from 10,000% to 700%
  • Experienced Dust gives +5 levels instead of +1
  • The last Horseman drops a Scepter of Time in singleplayer mode, so you can use two scepters in bonus round


  • Element research is re-opened when game is closed and resumed at research card selection
  • Fast skipped waves now count correctly to Impatience Wrath bonus
  • More precise tower range preview (range is now rounded instead of clamped)
  • Fixed wrong count displayed after transmuting cards
Have fun!!!