Release 1.7.1

There is a bugfix release available for Android and Windows. The iOS release was submitted to the App Store and will be available as soon as it passed review.


  • The 2nd Scepter of Time not only drops but can now be equipped too (sorry for that!)
  • Games that got corrupted by closing the app during loading screen will be repaired automatically and can be resumed
  • Improved progress display when loading long games

Hey good to see you work on Mazebert again. As I have a new phone and changed from android to iOS and I can only log in with the security code I am locked out of the forum and would have to start new. Can you please send me my security code? E-Mail of the Account should match the one I use for the post.

It was savecode not security sorry.

Hi Kami, great you are back! I've sent you a mail with your save code! Cheers Andy

Thx now I see I can request it in game.... Should have checked there first ?