Release 1.8.3

Release 1.8.3 is available for download on Windows and Android. iOS will follow as soon as it passed Apple review. This is a maintenance release, containing mostly bugfixes and no balancing changes.


  • Adds a setting to disable text notifications


  • Fix various very rare dsync errors on some devices
  • Fix negative damage malus when replacing tower with an active Unrelenting Force buff
  • Fix for Impatience Wrath's next wave bug
  • Helm of Hades visual effect is applied after loading a game

So that's how my tower got -1500% damage. Thanks for fixing.

Yeah! Thanks for reporting it :-)

There was a bug in 1.8.1, when you replace a tower (with Impatience Wrath set), the new one doesn't get mr.iron's speed buffs (it still gets crit and dam buffs) Is it fixed in version 1.8.3?

I fixed a few bugs with Impatience Wrath, but I'm not sure if I fixed this one. Can you send me a link to the replay, so I can have a look?

That was the game with dsync error, I already sent you. It happened when i replace the Ganesa with a Huli Weird, i dont see that game in my replays. Because of dsync bug???

Oops, i was wrong, that's not because of the Impatience Wrath set. New tower don't get Mr Iron's buffs

@Psi I think dsynced games are currently not listed in the replays, yep. Thanks for reporting the mr iron bug! Added to my to-fix list.