Release 1.8.5

Release 1.8.5 is available to download on Android, iOS and Windows. This is a maintenance release with no balancing adjustments.


  • Long press on tower / item / potion button in menu, to see list of auto-transmutes and to disable them if needed.
  • iOS: If you enjoy the game, you can now buy me a drink at the Developer's Inn. The prices on iOS are slightly different to Android, since the price tiers do not match exactly. Thank you for your support!


  • Item auras are applied correctly when a tower is replaced.
  • Magic Mushroom damage penalty stacks correctly.
  • In case a tower cannot attack, it is now clearly written on its card.

Thanks for the long press to change auto-transmutes. However, while it is compact UI placement, players might not notice the option if they don't read the update news. In the future, could we get the option to set an item goal amount? For example, no one needs more than 4 frozen candles, but it would be a shame to auto-transmute all of them in case you want to make Gib. -- The current feature addresses this somewhat: you can stop transmuting, but you still don't have the item you want. In the current UI, you could add a slider bar under the card and above the buttons that would set the quantity to keep. If you even decide to implement this suggestion, I wouldn't give it priority because this new released solved all regular complaints by making the auto-transmute undoable.

It's on my list, and yeah currently low priority. There are some technical difficulties with setting/adjusting a limit. So I decided to first go with a smaller solution first. There's also another feature suggestion on my list, which is to lock cards from being transmuted. Maybe that could be an option, too. E.g. lock 4 frozen candles, then auto-transmute the rest..

Sounds great