Release 1.8.9 - better multiplayer!

A new version is available to download for all platforms! If you're doing multiplayer, I highly recommend to upgrade. This is a maintenance release with no balancing adjustments.

Better multiplayer

  • I've rewritten the entire network stack!
  • With this version, multiplayer games should be a lot more reliable
  • Resuming multiplayer games is fixed! (Watch out: All players need to upgrade to this version. No worries, you can resume games you started from any previous version)
  • And finally, multiplayer games are now possible on mobile networks (careful, only fun if the network isn't too slow)


  • Fixed display issue after a daily quest is replaced

Thanks for all the hard work on this game.

I'm glad everything worked out with the new multiplayer networking. Thanks for all your feedback so far! :-)

hello sir andy..there is something issue about my recent game . email me @ jaysongotgotao23@gmail.com regarding to my game.

@Impulsive Rocket, did you get my mail? PS: You can also post your problem in bugs section of the forum.