Release Notes 1.1.2

The hotfix version 1.1.2 was shipped to Google Play and iOS App Store. The Google Play version should reach you in the next 24 hours, the iOS version should be reviewed by Apple within a week or so.


  • Skull of Darkness can be created by the Dark Forge
  • Spectral Daggers 2 set bonus is no longer broken after re-equipping items

Balancing adjustments

  • The chance to find better items in late game was increased
  • Solara the Fire Elemental was buffed
  • Abyss King's ability was completely reworked
  • Spectral Daggers and Cape of the Specter have been buffed

Solara the Fire Elemental

  • Slightly increased base damage
  • Increased splash range from 1 to 2
  • Increased splash damage to 40%

Abyss King

  • Range reduced to 1
  • Increased base damage
  • Reworked ability: Recruits creeps that died within his range

Spectral Set

  • Daggers
    • Chance increased to 80%
    • Max stacks increased to 4
    • Added +20% crit chance
  • Cape
    • True damage increased to 10% (+0.2% per level)
  • Set bonus
    • Max stacks bonus increased to 3
Item-57-card Item-56-card

Sorry guys

My apologies for the problems caused by the black market items. I know it wasn't easy for you to get those and I feel terribly sorry they didn't behave as rewarding as they should. I hope you still gonna enjoy this patch!

if Abyss King equip Helm of Hades? will the range of Army of Darkness extend to 2? Hope the game will not become total Darkness game.

For the new Abyss King ability, will it scale with range increase items (Helm Of Hades)?

It will scale to 2 with the helmet! Let's see how it goes, but Knuspe's Mass-eat effect just didn't fit so well to this tower in my opinion. I'm very excited to see how this tower will be played. And you have to consider, that if you use the Helmet on this tower, you can't use it on any others. Another question. Would you like to see deck specific abilities for Nature/Metro?

Hello Andy, i really welcome all of the changes done here. Of course ;) need to test Solara the next 1-2 days xD Would really LOVE to get her working a tiny bit better :> Gonna leave my thoughts on the new Solara on Monday or Tuesday next week i guess ^^ Abyss king went from "eats creps" to have "creeps have to be in range while they die, no matter from which source". Not too sure about that change to be honest =) On level 99, he got about 25% chance. couple it with luck you can nearly hit 50%. The thing is knusper can eat them and he still gets the same amount as earlier, plus what ever stacks he gets in other waves ^^ Guess, we have to see how it works out in the end. BUT if you change a Card, could you in the future post the old and the new one side by side? It's easier to compare then. Eager to test it XD

Looking forward to you Solara test results :-) I think Abyss King will be pretty interesting, but I like the new effect a lot better. The previous one always felt to me like a copy/paste from Knusper. Now the tower feels more unique. Let's see how it goes, maybe it will need further tinkering. But in my tests it wasn't that easy to get a lot of dead creeps within 1 range, even with the Helmet increase to 2 range. PS: Also be sure to test with the latest version 1.1.3, there has been another bug I missed and I buffed Scarecrow! Cheers!

Yeah, the aiming might be difficult, but I'm with you, I like that he's more unique now (And it fits his theme better, in my books). I've only been tooling around for a couple matches now, but I like the changes so far. Haven't done a dedicated Dark run yet (Which sounds thrilling with the changes), but the Item balance alone makes a HUGE difference.

Darn it! Was eager to try it now at "work" ;) And now i read theres a new bugfix already and i cant even make emergency calls here XD absolutely no reception here for my phone <.<

Where does the monster die if knusperhexe eats it? Because the animation is on her field. Does this count for Abyss King to Trigger?

The kill counts for Abyss King. I checked the implementation and currently the creep is already dead before he gets pulled in. The animation then finishes on her field. So the actual position of the creep before pulled in counts atm.