Release Notes 1.1.3

There's been a new issue with the Dark Forge in 1.1.2. Really shouldn't ship releases late a night... :-) I just uploaded a new hotfix release 1.1.3.


  • Dark Forge is not able to forge a Blood Demon's blade. This was happening if you had the foil version of Blood Demon / Blade unlocked. In this case the Forge was likely to create a blade with 0 damage.


  • Scarecrow was buffed with an entirely reworked attack mechanic.


  • Increased range from 2 to 3
  • Reworked attack mechanic
[caption id="attachment_6191" align="alignleft" width="226"]Old Scarecrow Old Scarecrow[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6192" align="alignleft" width="226"]New Scarecrow New Scarecrow[/caption] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkUnW-Hz10k


Hope you enjoy the release! Dark Forge should now work as expected, promised!

Can't way to try a dedicated Darkness deck again. Not only have you buffed the two bad blues, but you've done a change to Abyss King that I'm very interested to try! Thanks!

Wow, this should be interesting. I think 10k bonus seconds on 200 wave should be doable now :)

10k sec on 200? XD Lucky you then. You will need all the luck for early drops ;) for that to work out xD And Andy, thank you for putting old/new side by side. Makes it easier (at least for me) to get a grip on the change.

After the patch bonus rounds freezing 2 seconds into starting. I do have the bonus round quest up at 796/800. On a galaxy note 5

Hey, sorry to hear that. Have heard other reports too that there is a problem with the bonus round, but I couldn't reproduce the issue on my end so far. The quest could be a clue though. Maybe this only happens if the quest is around, which would be pretty shitty. Will try if this is it and report back here.

Problem was that in the current version the game infinitely tries to end the quest, which finally results in a crash. The following workaround should do the trick: – Restart Mazebert TD – The quest should now be marked as completed – You should now be able to continue your bonus round game I already created a hotfix version 1.1.4 that is uploading to the Play Store this moment. Thanks for your assistance!

How to unlock foil version of Blood Demon / Blade ? Thanks.

I can't remember how do I quit the quest?

Working group perfect after the new version

How to unlock foil version of Blood Demon / Blade? I have spend over 1000 relics and got nothing....

By getting golden cards from the card forge! There is a slight chance to pull out a legendary card out of the forge (for instance the blood demon).