Release Notes 1.1.4

There is problem in the current version with the bonus round quest. When you have this quest and complete it during the bonus round, the game will freeze and eventually crash. If you experience this error, the following workaround should do the trick: - Restart Mazebert TD - The quest should now be marked as completed - You should now be able to continue your bonus round game I already created a hotfix version 1.1.4 that is uploading to the Play Store this moment. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks everybody who reported this issue!

Hey guys ive had a bug where my game froze (after prev update) 2-3 days ago, it froze and i managed tobunfreeze it and continue my round but my life indicator was gone and no matter how much i leaked i still won all 400levels. And i got to char. lvl 200 as well and that is weird. Could you fiz my level please? I was 77 or 78 Cheers!

Hi Val! thanks for the info! Do you mean wizard level 200? That's pretty interesting, cause it should be almost impossible in terms of XP to reach that level :-D Don't see your score on the ladder yet, so easiest way to restore would be to delete your local profile data and re-enter your savecode when the game starts. Just be sure you have that code at hand :-)

Andy you made scarecrow go from garbage to one of the easiest to use carries in that game to get to bonus, I love it, solar a is still not viable though.