Release notes 1.4

Done! The latest version is pushed to Google Play! Don't miss the new stuff that comes with this version:

New creep ability: Revive

Creeps learned the power to revive themselves. Watch out for creeps with Revive. If you kill one, it has the chance to revive itself with reduced healthpoints! mazebert-screenshot

Forge golden cards without RNG

A powerful (yet expensive) card smith entered the game: Reginn the Dvergr! You find him by navigating to my wizard -> cards and select a card of which you do not own the golden version. Behold: Reginn needs to be unlocked first by beating golden grounds. reginn_option_my_cardsreginn_buy

New black market item: Hydra Arrow

TheMarine's suggestion finally made it to the game. As a new item on Black Market rotation! Item-64-card

Improvements / Balancing

  • Removed Unlucky Pants, Skull of Darkness, Spectral Daggers and Cape of the Spectre from Black Market (they are now regular expert cards)
  • Slight performance enhancement using new AS3 array/vector methods
  • Holgar's mead drop chance is now based on luck, not item chance
  • Stonecutter's Temple got buffed (+3% damage per level instead of +1% damage per level)
  • Scepter of Time player skill now only needs one point to invest


  • Marriage status of wedding rings is now persisted. In general the whole marriage procedure is now displayed more explicit (with a countdown)!
  • When the savegame is manipulated the game cannot advance anymore until the manipulation is undone
  • Fixed a potential game freeze after bonus round
  • Scarecrow's first shot is no longer broken
  • Fixed the bug that stole you an inventory slot under certain conditions
Have fun!!!

Main screen says connection error. The bar seems to work

Godly! The only word to describe Andy:)

Extremly proud that you used the permanent pause solution:)

Unlocked the new Forge beating golden grounds but I can't find the menu for it

Thanks for the hint. That was a problem with the old app version submitting bonus round scores, which I fixed this morning!

And thank you for that hint :-)

It is a bit hidden I have to admit. Go to your cards, select any of the tiers (e.g. towers) and swipe to the card you'd like to create. Please note that this can only be done for cards you do not own the foil version already. Plus, black market and supporter cards cannot be crafted this way.

Well, this is certainly a welcome surprise! Time to boot up Mazebert!

Awesome!! Now i'm ready for forging loan shark hero trying new strategies. Thanks so much!

Great update, thanks as always Andy!

First message here, just to say that your game is awesome Andy! ^^ played it for little months already but definitely like it and you seems to be pretty active on it so its great :D (sorry if my english is bad, i'm french ^^)

Hi Kamiss, thank you for the heads up! I'm glad you have fun with Mazebert :-)

Excellent! :-)

Thank you sir! :-)

I can't update new version, not find in my apple store

Hi Le, sorry for that! The iOS version is not available in the store yet. It needs to get approved by Apple first. Cheers Andy PS: I update the blog post and will throw out a new one as soon as the version is ready for download.

Super great game... But the new update keeps freezing on my xperia t2ultra when wave with revive skill.

No update from apple yet? I'm itching for the new update.

This is one awesome game. So addictive. I just have an issue regarding the new update. When the wave has a revive skill my experia t2ultra keeps getting frozen. Got a screenshot of it but i dont know how to post it here. Please fix... Thanks...

PS. I think the problem is when knux takes children with revive then the skill activates it freezes

You better post this in the forum

Seriously still no IOS update? :(

Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! After a creep revive it‘s not aggro? That cooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!! (Number Mazebert TD player -1)

Any news on whether the iOS update is going through?

Hey now new legendary card?