Release notes version 1.8

This Friday, I will release the next version of Mazebert TD! There will be no new content in this release, but several quality of life improvements, balancing adjustments and bugfixes! Because of the balancing adjustments, this release will start a new bonus round ladder. To prepare you for the ladder start, here are the release notes.


Auto transmute cards!

You can finally say that you don't need specific cards in a game! Future drops of those cards will then be automatically transmuted for you. This should make it much easier to manage late game card drops. Only common, uncommon and rare cards can be auto-transmuted.

New card notifications

Notificaton badges inform you about new tower, item and potion cards. This way you will never miss an important drop again. Cards you configured to get automatically transmuted, won't generate notifications:

Minor improvements

  • Mazebert does not prevent your background music from playing on iOS
  • DPS are displayed in tower stats
  • Bear Hunter traps consume much less memory


  • When Angelic Elixir drops, another potion drop with similar rarity is rolled
  • Angelic Elixir and Scepter of Time can no longer be transmuted
  • Wedding rings always drop together
  • Dark Forge has a chance to craft at the start of every round, even in the bonus round
  • Kiwi can hatch in the bound round
  • Balu is cuddled every round, increased damage per cuddle
  • Stonecutters membership bonus is reduced from 3% to 1%
  • Dungeon Door has the chance to spawn a goblin every round
  • Mr Iron changed to unique, BlackWidow changed to rare
  • 2nd scepter drops in singleplayer mode at round 200
  • Beaver's stun chance reduced from 20% to 10%, +0.1% chance per level


  • Treasure goblins scale with bonus round
  • Fix range display artifacts with Messerschmidt's
  • Fix average damage calculation in tower stats
  • Fix rare bonus round countdown glitch
  • Revived creeps now drain health proportional to their initial health, not their current max health.
  • Fix for sometimes not working item sets
  • Muli now works reliable with Trident of Poseidon
  • Damage malus of Magic Mushroom stacks correctly

Wow, this is absolutely amazing. I love the idea of auto transmutation and item notification, the balancing adjustments are all pretty fair and the bugfixes are really nice too, especially the fix of revive creeps

Thank you Shanlung!! I hope everything will work out as good as it sounds :-)

Damn my boy beiber got nerfed lol

You need to check the mushrooms bug again and is painting of solea working correctly? Looks not stacking and chance is not increasing by luck