Result of common darkness tower vote

The poll for the common darkness tower vote is closed. Thanks everybody for participating! The winners are: Novice Wizard by syotos - ( 32 votes ) Small Spider by Vigi - ( 28 votes ) I will start working on those towers start of next week. @syotos, @Vigi: be prepared to receive some first drafts and concepts for the artwork from me soon. :-)

Andy, do you have a tower card layout saved as a jpeg or psd? I might play around with trying to draw the spider tower card and/or some other things. No promises as I'm way out of practice and very self-conscious when it comes to my art but I kinda want to try. Lmk. If you do you could email me the attachment

That's great news Vigi! I send you over some PSDs asap :-) Looking forward to your artwork!!

where would you be sending said drafts to? i'd say i'd try and draw but im gawd awful artist and my work would prolly make people quit the game! ( i cant even use paint.ex well!)