Revalidated all games ever submitted

About a week ago @gxgx55 noticed something strange with his replay. In this game he encountered Vir and made it to >70k bonus round seconds. However, when opening the replay, it granted only around 5k bonus round seconds. When playing the replay to the very end, it stopped about the time Vir spawned. So what was going wrong? When validating games the game is validated only up to the last written frame in the replay. In case of @gxgx55's game, his last user action was done when Vir spawned, so the validation stopped at this frame... The easy part was replays, which will be fixed with the next client update. I've also adjusted the validation so validate until the end of the game, for all future submitted games. But there were also >100k old games with potentially wrong experience/bonus round seconds. During the last week I've written a little batch process to revalidate all games ever submitted. The process ran a validation on every game and checked the difference in experience/bonus round seconds. Most of the games showed no difference, but still every game had to be looked at to be sure. As you can imagine the process took a few days to finish :-) About 500 games showed a difference and I've updated those games right now. If you open @gxgx55's game you'll notice it now shows the correct numbers. This also means, some ladder positions are now a bit different than before. I made a site where you can check if one of your games was affected by this bug, just open it while being logged in: https://mazebert.com/revalidated-games/ Thanks for helping me find this bug and your patience!

Nasty little bug you had there. Good job fixing it.

Thanks Kami :-)

When I grow up I want to be like Andy