Roordahuizum, first DoL blackmarket item

We have our first blackmarket item for the upcoming Dawn of Light release. Roordahuizum is a legendary drinking horn, that is only equipable by vikings (thanks YBone for that nice twist). It also brings a new ability with it: The effects of all potions consumed are increased by 10%! The downside is the 5% chance to miss attacks. Once you drop the item, all potion effects are back to normal again. Thanks FuzzyEuk for the idea!

does it buff potions that where consumed before equipping?

It was YBone for the twist, not me.

@chaos: yes! @frozenedge: thanks, fixed it.

Can make the effect of potions a little bigger? Suppose 20%?

I'm expecting the item to give around 40+ percent overall damage boost as a rough guess, since individually the buffs are weak but they compound together. If it does end up too weak they could always consider buffing it later, either way it can't possibly be weaker than mjoelnir.

Greet game

Wearing a Viking helm would allow use of this item, right?

@FuzzyEuk yes, indeed!

Ok how bout mr iron consumed Viking helmet? Also does it count Mead potion? Including the side effect? Or Mr iron consumed Viking Helmet, consumed Mead, and use this item? Yes I love Mr iron.

Yes it also scales Mead potion, including the side effect. Also Viking Helmet will turn Mr Iron into a Viking, yes :-)