Scepter of Time

Yesterday I got a review via google play to a) Add more items b) Add speedup functionality I combined both requests. Behold, the Scepter of Time! scepter_of_time The iLvl is 127, so dropchance starts at the point in the classic 200 wave game, where your carry starts getting IMBA. I think it will be extremely useful for those playing endless mode... What do you think about it? PS: SchlawinerUSA, if you read this by any chance, I can change the name that shall appear on the bottom of the card. Just let me know.

+1 to this idea, sometimes i just leave my game running after my carry tower starts destroying creeps like paper

I absolutely love this! I like the idea how an item adds game options instead of a small speed up button or something. I really feel that you should make a whole class of these items. Maybe another speed up with an iLvl of 500. Perhaps also 2 uniques that double monster strength as well. Maybe yielding a small boost to ladder experience. I dunno I just love it and want it now lol!

Good idea, really. And I really love kad's idea of double monster str. Or just implement a hard mode. :)

Hey Andreas, i am SchlawinerUSA, thanks for implementing this item ;) i'll try it immediatly!! I also had yesterday the idea of a new tower similar to the forge, like a "Alchemist" "with 2% Chance at the end of every round to create a random potion.. Came to that cause yesterday is caught me an interity to get potions for my carry ;) AND at the end, is it for the spawning goblin supposed to lose health if he gets through? Thx for your work Sincerely Schlawi

When will we be able to use the new item? Almost done with my first end less and would have been nice.

Yes the spawning goblin losing health is intended. If you are greedy and equip the item, a little bit of tension should be applied, at least that was the idea ;-) Your Alchemist idea sounds interesting! Would you mind posting it to the card ideas forum? (http://mazebert.com/forums/forum/card-ideas/)

Currently I am working on an 0.8.3 version, with a lot of performance improvements and bugfixes for a few glitches introduced with 0.8.2 Although it is a pure bugfix release, I plan to add this scepter there too (basically because it is already implemented and the bug-risk by adding it is rather low compared to all the other performance improvements). I expect 0.8.3 to come end of next week.

Thx, love the game. I am a huge TD fan and yours is amazing!

Love the idea of speeding it up!

Is the scepter of time available yet? Can you change the endless name to whatever because it's not endless and make it run one million levels or at least adjustable to even more levels?

Unfortunately it is not available yet. There were some issues detected in the internal release of 0.8.3, so I need to fix those problems first until it will be finally released to google play. I expect this to happen end of this week. As for the wavemaster ability, I could alter it so that the amount of waves is determined by skillpoints. 1 point: 500 waves 2 points: 1000 waves 3 points: 2000 waves But I think 2000 waves should really be more than enough :-)

2000 nom nom nom!!! Sounds awesome!

I always play to 350 til night, then my carry run alone and when I wake up I am succesfull. :D

I think I might need a few more of these. Gosh! It's been hours and I'm still at level 1500. :D