Wow, guys, after just three days of ladder we've already 14 players and a leader with level 41 and 31.872 XP! Just to give you an idea where this all leads to, have a look at this new concept art. skilltree

This game is really great! nice work! can`t wait to have the keeper of wisdom, öhm, i mean skill trees ;) I love to play YouTD on my smartphone. Keep up the good work! For balance issues, you should nerf the monkeys mojo ability and also nerf Messerschmidts Reaver. both together is just to godamn strong. In my current wave i could start the next wave instant everytime after the cooldown till wave 80 and killed everything till the end easily...

Thanks for the feedback and the heads up. Very much appreciated. And yeah, keeper of wisdom ftw! :) Messerschmidt's and Huli gonna be nerfed in the next release, promised! The tickets are already created for it and added to the sprint planning. Btw. some quite impressive level you reached in 3 days of ladder!

if you have some experience in general td, played youtd and if you have the time, its not really a problem ;) It would be great if we could new something about the armor and damage Types. Even i played a lot, im not sure what is strong or weak against which armor type.

It s an alpha and already addictive keep up the good work :) I d like to suggest an idea for the skilltree: Notes that give both benefits and drawbacks could make it more interesting and important to plan the skills. For example: -attack speed -enemy movement speed Im very interesten in upcoming updates

Thanks! Good input on the skill tree as well. There will be a few 'classic skills', like the ones shown on the screenshot. It's also planned to add some more 'pro' skills, which would also have a minimum player level required. Its a nice idea to make the pro skills stronger, but add certain drawbacks to them at the same time.

Balou should get a buff in next patch. I really want him to be a nice carry, but his cuddle ability is just to slow. Maybe lower the cooldown with level-ups? Another way would be, to grant him 1 additional range. Another thought i had, was to make his cuddle a buff instead of a slow for the allied tower. At the moment he's ways to expensiv for what he is doing.

I agree, right now Balu is just a mass backup, that you place somewhere and let grow. Maybe lower the cooldown with level-ups? Sounds like the most promising approach to me. I will give it a try when balancing the next release.

Another interesting skill would be, if we can choose whichTowercardclasses (Metropolis/Nature) could drop more (like skilling the elements in YouTD)