Snore Fox

The upcoming season will bring more tower options to the existing elements. I'd like to show you a new nature tower that's coming next season. Kudos to @SnoreFox, the guy who started the Discord Server two years ago :-) Snore Fox, a new nature tower for next season I think this tower will create some interesting builds! Update: I did a few runs with fox tower and I agree with @TheMarine, that the chance based rabbit eating doesn't feel very satisfying. I changed it into an active ability. I also followed @SnoreFox's suggestion and changed the rarity to unique. This way Nature will also catch up with Darkness on unique towers.

No way! That's too cute and awesome. Definitely unbalanced: too much cute on one card.

I can't wait

so we will be feeding rabbits to the fox as carry? nice!

I can see some people switching to nature only element to collect rabbits on early game and filling the field with how many they can. Good thing rabbits breed like...rabbits. *Ba dum tss* Edit: Oh, so new season will add more towers? I know what I'll suggest next time then

So now we can stack potions again? Yggdrasil with all branches given to towers ->feed all pots Then into endgame change to rabbits and fox. Have a nice meal. Success.

Cant wait to play/test the new stuff

New season ? When?

@Thearegato Next season will start mid December. @Kami Yes, the fox still needs some balancing :-D

Should be a fun season ty :)

Nice teaser! Can't wait to see the other towers. Good progress Andy!

Oh, it will be interesting)

Thanks for all the feedback! After considering various potion stacking strategies (Cthulhu, Yggdrasil, Wedding Rings) there's a small adjustment for the fox: When fox is replaced by another tower, only half of the potions from eaten rabbits are carried over (I've updated the card image).