Snow Globe

Snow Globe is the second DoL unique tower.
Any common tower can fit in this little snow globe. Build it on top of a common tower to capture it in the globe. You can then equip the snow globe item to any other tower and it will gain the abilities of the captured tower. See some towers I've captured today below :-) I'm pretty excited, as this has the potential to allow a lot more different builds and strategies. What do you think?

Such a unique tower/item. I like how it is implemented. At first glance, it seems dangerous. What happens when scarface equips the beaver or novice wizard? Or the Phoenix? Or dandelion? Or the gargoyle snow globe? It seems like there are a lot of item interactions to consider.

Interesting, had to try it

If only we had a skill upgrade for starting with gear. Looking forward to try out new combos for late game.

That's interesting.

I see baby rabbit as a viable ability to get another multi hitter