Started work on new map

This evening I started work on the new map. Here are some work in progress screenshots! The result is already playable, however the special spots are not functional yet. Btw. we still need a name for this beautiful second map for the map selection screen. Any ideas? map-creation-1 map-creation-2 map-creation-3

I'm confused - is that the whole map? So the creeps just sort of disappear in thin air in the middle of the map? It's such a terrible design aesthetically and conceptually. I can't say I wouldn't enjoy trying a new map, but I will say that watching the minions exit the map at the end of that path will have me laughing every single time.

If you place a Shadow where your Hitman is and equip him with Helm of Hades, can he reach all of the map?

@jhoijhoi If you have watched the isometric of the map you would have noticed that right away. I think Andy should add two more path block so the creeps won't disappear in mid air. Also, slow down, you'll have time for your experiments. :P

A name for the Map could be Peak Black Battle.

haha, I'm eager to try new things.

And the original map could be named as Up the hill.