TDD for the win!

TDD for the win! Can you figure out what new feature I'm working on? tdd-ftw-new-feature

Mhm, i've read a post where you said you might implement some kind of achievement system. I think it happened in the discussion about golden Cards a good while ago... But then again, the golden cards are already forged, so no use to achieve it a 2nd time ;) Got a few theorys: #1 Achievement system (still think its most likely wrong, due to golden card forging system) #2 A System without achievements, where you have to do X and get golden card X for it (same as #1, highly unlikely) #3 Maybe you make some statistics (be it public or private) about how many games where played on which map, how much time spend with/without szepter on it? *I once in the Achievement System post saw a picture of a Card with some "rainbow" colors? (Maybe it was just reflecting light, like some Cards of magic? Somethin without use, just to show off like the good old magic cards...) Otherwise I've got no clue here

Implemented the new feature. See my latest blog post explaining it :-) The rainbow colors on the cards was the first design for the golden/foil cards. Pretty much inspired by magic! Changed it to the current design mainly because of improved readability of the card texts.

Mhm, well... Dont really like the free card. Can i have 20 Fragments instead to get a chance for somethin more useful? XD Nah, jokes aside =) I'm fine with it, doesnt mean i will use it ;D until i got some other towers. The towers right now need to much maintanence that i could use the scepter ^^'